Betula alleghaniensis, or Yellow Birch is a medium to large deciduous tree with a single trunk of up to 3 feet 6 inches and an overall height that can reach 70 to 80 feet tall. In the open, the crown is large and wide, while in … The dark green leaves grow in an alternate arrangement, emerging from the stem one at a time. It may have gotten too dry. Yellow Birch leaves are elliptical, about 2.5 inches wide. No matter the tree or shrub, newly planted ones all should be watered when we don't get at least 1" of rain a week from spring through fall for the first 2 years. If the yellow leaves have green veins then chlorosis is a possibility. It is the largest species of birch in North America. Infected foliage will eventually turn pale yellow and fall from the tree. Young leaves are bronze-green, with long hairs beneath. Birch tree leaves often turn yellow because of chlorosis, which occurs for several reasons. Thankfully, river birch does not have many insects or disease problems, but birch leaf blight is a fungal issue that can cause the foliage to develop black spots with yellow rings around them. Birch leaves yellow and drop when under stress. In the fall, the leaves turn bright yellow. It has been fairly dry in May. According to the University of Illinois, chlorosis occurs because of an iron deficiency, poor drainage, damaged roots, high soil alkalinity, compacted roots and nutrient deficiencies. Herb: Yellow Birch Latin name: Betula alleghaniensis Synonyms: Betula lutea Family: Betulaceae (Birch Family) Medicinal use of Yellow Birch: Yellow birch is little used medicinally, though a decoction of the bark has been used by the native North American Indians as a blood purifier, acting to cleanse the body by its emetic and cathartic properties. River birch (as their name implies) like moisture. Yellow Birch leaves have a pointed tip and finely double-toothed edges.

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