Our products are sold … The product has been added to their website and wrestlers such as John Cena and Becky Lynch are seen on the box. Interest in WWE ice cream bars grew in 2011 during the Summer of Punk storyline when CM Punk threatened to walk out with the WWE Championship unless Mr. McMahon agreed to his demands for … Good Humor announced that their WWE Ice Cream Bars are coming back this April 2020.. Roman Reigns and “Macho Man” Randy Savage are the two Superstars shown on the box emblazoned on top of cookies and Becky Lynch and John Cena are on the box.. WWE Ice Cream Bars (original, 1987) The original ice cream … WWE Ice Cream Bars. There's been no word yet on when the ice cream bars will be released, but for WWE … The WWE Superstars Cookie Sandwich is a new take on the ice cream truck favorite known as the champion of ice cream bars. Our Good Humor® family of products includes the most beloved ice cream brands - including Good Humor®, Klondike®, Magnum®, Popsicle®, Breyers®, and Ben & Jerry's®. It's creamy frozen vanilla ice cream packed between two vanilla wafers. “I want everything with my face on it … the number one thing being, I want you to bring back the WWE ice cream bars.” — CM Punk, 2011. Good Humor is set to release WWE ice cream bars.

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