Further inspection of the Coca-Cola list reveals that numerous countries are missing (such as East Timor, Kosovo, Vatican City, San Marino, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan—you get the picture). North Korea is a more private country than you think. Its leader and government continuously try to protect the nation from outside influences by, for example, not allowing certain hairstyles or clothes. Therefore, the assertion that Coca-Cola is missing only from Cuba, and North Korea is most likely a … When this beverage was eventually allowed to be sold on the Island of Freedom, North Korea was the only country left that didn't have Coca-Cola in its shops. For ideological reasons, of course. If you ever wanted to visit there you probably couldn't. In North Korea – the other Coca-Cola-free zone – recent media reports suggested it was being sold in a restaurant in Pyongyang. All of this makes us want to know more about the people of North Korea and their lifestyle. The world is growing increasingly interested in North Korea. Before 2015, there were only 2 countries in the world where Coca-Cola was banned: Cuba and North Korea. The dark fizzy soda was created in 1886 in Atlanta, Georgia. But Coca-Cola says if any drinks are being sold in either North Korea or Cuba, they are being smuggled in on the black market, not via official channels. So therefore Coca is most likely never going to be sold in North Korea We at Bright Side found 16 things that are prohibited in North Korea for you to see for yourself.

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