The first section will outline direct selling and identify the users of direct selling. All you need is one person to create marketing materials to reach out to potential customers. Only 0.9% of direct selling customers buy For example, you may need to purchase trucks, hire drivers and rent storage space. Challenges of direct marketing. The third section will discuss the advantages and disadvantages for a tourism provider using direct selling. Despite the positives, direct distribution also has some potential drawbacks. Direct Selling is also known as network marketing or multi-level marketing. Typical methods of direct selling include one-on-one selling (81.1% of sales) and sales parties (18.0%). Selling direct from the farm adds transparency to the food supply. You don’t need to have an extensive team supporting you to begin direct selling. Direct selling is usually associated with party-plan and network marketing companies. Customers have an opportunity to see the farm for themselves, and this builds trust, which in turn builds loyalty. A review of these and some additions follow: 1. Direct selling is an effective way to build long-lasting customer relationships and grow a flexible, low-cost business. In 1990, sales for direct selling companies totaled $11.8 bil-lion. Independent sales people use direct selling to sell their products and services directly to customers in meeting places such as homes, offices and cafes, instead of in retail outlets. Like personal selling, direct marketing allows a company to interact with potential customers to persuade them to take particular actions, such as purchasing a product. Some of the downsides and hurdles to overcome when using direct marketing include: Intrusive: Many people find direct marketing annoying and intrusive. One of the biggest challenges is the sizeable costs that can come with direct distribution. The Direct Selling Association defines direct selling as personal contact between a sales-person and a consumer away from a store. Many of the advantages of direct marketing have already been presented. A truly dedicated agripreneur will take it a step further and use the opportunity to share information on sustainable practices with his customers. Although these companies use direct sales, they aren't the only ones; many businesses that sell business-2-business (B2B) use direct selling to target and sell to their end customers. This essay will be presented in four sections. * It is however, very important that you choose the right company , just as growing your career and income also hinges on being with the right employer or in the right business of your own. To be effective, direct marketing requires attractive offers, effective marketing messages and products … Benefits of Direct Selling. Without middlemen, you control your image and message. This kind of business venture has a huge upside *if you are willing to do the work. The second section will discuss the advantages and disadvantages for a tourist using direct selling. Advantages and disadvantages of direct sales Pros. Some people dislike marketing mail and consider it … Direct selling offers important benefits to people who want an opportunity to earn income and build a business of their own, to consumers as an alternative to retail stores, and a cost effective way for business to bring products to market. Selective reach. This is especially true of telemarketing and door-to-door sales. Direct marketing lets the advertiser reach a large number of people and reduces or eliminates waste coverage.Intensive coverage may be obtained through broadcast advertising or through the mail.

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