Some transition to a ketogenic or even zero carb diet after trying it out for a week. Rotten meat often contains pathogenic bacteria such as E. coli, salmonella and staphylococcus. Who told you that you have to eat a minimum 800 calories a day? They don’t expect people to drink the drippings. Sugar alcohols need to be treated with caution because while they may be slower to convert to glucose, they can be a significant source of glycemic load and can stall weight loss. Grammar police are the most annoying people on earth. I ate bacon, probably around three weeks old, what will happen? It is not healthy. That doesn’t mean you have to spend all your time talking about it, but when you see other peoples results every day, I don’t see how anyone could not be motivated. In Keto, you still consume plenty of dark, leafy greens. When I have I gain weight and my lipid levels go in the,wrong direction. During the bacon experiment, my macros were the same each day since I ate exactly 1 pound of normal strip bacon each day and 1 pound of back bacon each day. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions, Dan. My carbs are probably between 8-15 grams a day since 90% of my diet consists of meat and eggs. Let me know in the comments below! Hahahaha. You could get sick and get worms. This worked out to 244 grams of protein and 164 grams of fat roughly after being cooked. Information about your device and internet connection, including your IP address, Browsing and search activity while using Verizon Media websites and apps. If you really want to get into it go to I’ve seen reports from time to time of meat eating leading to colon cancer but when I followed up, the studies were poor. Please think before you promote potentially very harmful eating habits! Dan: I have tried just about everything over the years including low fat, low calorie, vegetarianism, veganism, raw foods, and even fruitarianism. None of the studies being put out take into consideration eating a ketogenic diet. I’m a moderately competent jock (~20 miles weekly running, ~4 miles weekly swimming, weights, etc.). Precooked bacon has been heated before packaging, which kills bacteria. When her “diabetic nutritionist” told her she wasn’t getting enough carbs in her diet she listened and ended up with organ damaging high blood sugar numbers affecting her digestive systems, causing aches and pains and blurring her vision due to inflammation. They almost all put most, all or even more weight back on afterwards because they destroyed their Basal Metabolic rate by over 700 calories per day… which never came back when they stopped calorie restricting so they inevitably put the weight back on. And the whole thing was based on a lie and a cheat. Also bad if you have osteoporosis. Maybe you’ve found some good studies. Atkins restricts “net carbs”, or carbs that have an effect on blood sugar. Quite a few have tried their own version of the bacon experiment for one week, and most have seen between a 4 to 11-pound weight loss in just one week. So you’re saying that you spent over $600 on bacon in one month? These seem to make my blood pressure worse. but nothing to do with the fear-mongering based on old discredited ‘science’ that you spout. Keto; high fat diets lower blood sugar to normal levels. Won’t that cause high bp and water retention??? Your email address will not be published. The benefits to blood sugar control, the weight loss success stories, the health issues that disappear. But from Friday week 1 to the end of Friday week 2, I lost 11 lbs. Recently, I reached out to Dan for an interview to pick his brain about The Bacon Experiment and ketogenic living. For instance: If you have thinned out blood and coagulation in your arteries it will display perfect blood pressure. However, it is the formation of nitrosating compounds and their subsequent reactions with amines which result in formation of carcinogenic N-nitroso compounds that is the problem. I was 360 Lbs. Test it on a couple of days and see how you feel (though if you are feeling ill you probably have the temporary Keto flu which everyone gets as their body gets used to not eating carbs and the instant glucose response). Science has moved on a long way from the ridiculous non-science that came up with the guidance you espouse. I have 30 to go. Self-control goes a LONG way. <20 net grams carbohydrate a day and still losing. Keto is actually incredibly healthy because it is based on the actual science of the body’s biochemistry. Crazy right? | It’s a community of like-minded low carb folks that encourage and motivate each other. I have to ask.. how were the bowel movements on an all-bacon diet? What were your goals and expectations going into this? from 1% to 1.17%), and a class 1 carcinogen just means the WHO think it causes cancer, not how much of a cause it it. People are getting biased results from very young, very active people in these types of blogs.

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