Actually, the same can be said for all the characters, not just the new ones. The release of SF2 revitalized arcades and made fighting games into the well-loved genre that exists today. You even get to name your fighter, and you'll find that computer opponents will often have very funny names of their own. You need a javascript enabled browser to watch videos. Virtua Fighter 4 has 13 characters you can choose from, two of which are new to the series. By clicking 'enter', you agree to GameSpot's All of the fighters are competitive, yet all of them are substantially different. The first of the game's new fighters is Lei Fei, a shaolin monk whose dizzying kung fu skills are as effective as they are spectacular. Mortal Kombat, Virtua Fighter, Tekken, Soul Caliber, and all fighting games owe a debt to Ryu and the World Warriors. - Brand new release for the Dreamcast, Expanding the Dreamcast Collection: Part 4 - Atomiswave, Atomiswave games are being ported to Dreamcast...which is awesome. Worst part of the ****ing system is how Sega pulled the plug pre-maturely, making the investment to the system a major waste of money. Virtua Fighter 4 sports an arcade mode where you'll square off against every character, including your own, before facing Dural. The Atomiswave, for those who may not be aware, was an arcade system co-developed by Sammy and Sega and released back in 2003. Virtua Fighter 4 may not be the most visually stunning game--its appearance is more realistic than over the top--but it's still easily one of the best-looking 3D fighting games ever made. At this time, the Tekken series was in its infancy and Virtua Fighter III outperformed the future king with a game that cemented the franchise as the premier 3D fighter of the era. The characters' individual physiques and even their complexions are well defined, and the detail in their facial expressions is impressive. Virtua Fighter 4 for PlayStation 2 game reviews & Metacritic score: Two new characters (Lei Fei and Vanessa Lewis) join 11 VF veterans, each with their own unique styles based on real martial arts. And PlayStation 2 owners couldn't be luckier, because Virtua Fighter 4 is the best fighting game to debut since Namco's superlative Dreamcast version of Soul Calibur back in 1999. On its own terms, the game sounds fine, but not particularly special--at least some of the English dialogue doesn't sound as awkward as it did in the previous games. There's even an advice screen you can refer to that uses these stats to give you practical suggestions on how to improve your skills. With the ridiculously technical fighting system of VF4 (which the series has long been known for), Evolution built upon its foundation with subtle modifications and an expanded array of customization content. Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown, will contain a full overhaul of Virtua Fighter 5�s mechanics, balance and animations, along with new game modes, new dynamic fighting arenas, a massive collection of customizable character items and new characters added to the roster. The stages in Virtua Fighter 4 may all be square, but there's a good amount of visual variety to them, and some of them sport some really great effects--one is covered in about a foot of snow, which deforms realistically as the characters move through it. The great part is that the game can track your win/loss record, as well as a truly staggering array of statistics about your fights (things like "low throw escape rate" and "percent of damage taken from reversals"). Virtua Fighter 4 isn't just for hard-core fighting-game fans--the game is only as complex as you want it to be. And there's no dreamcast game I'd go back to. The PS2 version looks nearly as good as the arcade version. Please use a html5 video capable browser to watch videos. Furthermore, the PS2 version of Virtua Fighter 4 packs some interesting bonus features and the best artificial intelligence hands down of any fighting game. What little story there is in the printed manual is nowhere to be found in the game itself--don't expect to be treated to an ending sequence when you beat the arcade mode. Lei Fei looks better in action than Vanessa, though both of the new characters have dozens of interesting moves. Yet even at higher levels, the computer still fights fair--it doesn't flaunt superhuman reaction times, and it doesn't block or reverse absolutely everything you throw at it. Throws are essential against overly defensive types, while some characters have reversals that can be the undoing of an overzealous attacker. Flea! The humdrum sound is indicative of how, despite all the great features, Virtua Fighter 4 does have somewhat of a no-frills sensibility. But the real beauty of it is definitely in the gameplay. After all, the best part about customizing your character is being able to show him or her off to your friends. And PlayStation 2 owners couldn't be luckier, because Virtua Fighter 4 is the best fighting game to debut since Namco's superlative Dreamcast version of Soul Calibur back in 1999. on May 17, 2006 at 3:08PM PDT. Nearly 10 years after the original arcade game was released, Sega's Virtua Fighter series now spans four games, not to mention a number of weird spin-offs like Virtua Fighter Kids and the outrageous Fighters Megamix. Virtua Fighter 4 is also the best game in the series to date: It offers even more of the depth that fans of the series have enjoyed for years, yet it also quickens the pacing, streamlines the controls, and fixes the problems found in previous installments. Others are closed off--if you force your opponent to the edge, you'll have the perfect setup to inflict major damage. After all, it's a given that fighting games are at their best when they're being played competitively with other people. But the fact that the AI always puts up a serious fight is a distinguishing feature that's unique to Virtua Fighter 4 among all fighting games.

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