It was psychologist Carl Jung who initially used the term synchronicity in his 1952 essay, “Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle,” to describe chance happenings between unconnected people or events. A few years later this guy’s brother introduces him to another couple. The woman told Pam what a wonderful couple she and her boyfriend made. Rather, the synastry between the married couples appears to reflect the psychic state of the individual making the selection (Synchronicity II). And low and behold he is the best plumber in the world. Synchronicity is a term originally coined by psychologist Carl Jung that refers to the meaningful (or even miraculous) coincidences that occur in your life. The whole conduct of this 'scientific experiment' has by now broken down into divination, yet Jung still attempts to hold on … Tragically, however, not every synchronicity is a blessing from Aphrodite. Or you need a plumber to come fix the pipes but don’t know who to call. Synchronicity can also intercede at important points in a relationship. The Meaning of Synchronicity with Another Person. Another term Jung used was the “Collective Unconscious.” In fact, Dr. Goldberg argues that couples should have "rough and ragged" beginnings where they work things out, and then look forward to a long and happy incline in the state of the relationship. So you get his number. Despite the fact that there was an immediate and strong physical attraction between this man and woman they maintain a friendship that is 100% playtonic for more than 7 years while they are each trying to make their unhappy relationships work with their partners. This is an example of a simple synchronicity. Then as you’re walking down the street to get the mail, a plumbing truck drives by. The next day walking down the street, she ran into the stranger who had sat next to them the night before. What does synchronicity with another person mean? EVERYTHING is energy, at all levels, and everything is in sync, from the metaphysical to the physical realities. And, in an era infused with New Age thinking and naïve romanticism that sees all synchronicity as a simple romantic blessing, it is especially important that we learn that there … After a concert one night, Pamela LaTulippe of Boston broke up with her boyfriend. When you experience synchronicity you’ll have experiences that seem far too significant to be mere day-to-day serendipitous encounters. I believe there is purpose and divine order in the chaos that unfolds in our lives.

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