Here are some of the most common concerns regarding subwoofer placement. You can’t create room-shaking sound without a subwoofer. Please follow this link to learn more. For larger spaces, you can consider 2 smaller subs or 1 large one. Placing the subwoofer further from the soundbar (assuming you’re using it with a soundbar) could expose more wiring than some people are willing to show. Consider what extras does the subwoofer come with? | Please note that there may be affiliate links on this page. Be careful of simply purchasing a soundbar that comes with a subwoofer. Small enclosed spaces also negatively affect the longevity of your subwoofer and components. Lets talk about in what circumstance you would use a subwoofer with a soundbar. After all is said and done, there is no ideal location for a subwoofer that applies to every person. Additionally, subwoofers need a firm lightweight driver and must be powered by a high-powered amplifier and motor. Little is said about the subwoofer and most people just place it close by without considering how the placement affects the sound. This technology can determine the sound level of each channel, the distance between speakers, and make educated guesses and calibrations to improve the bass response. If you have decided to install the subwoofer system to increase the efficiency and sound quality of your sound system then the next essential factor to consider is the placement of the same. These subs can often distort sounds and have been accused of producing muddy bass. This is one of the first things everyone thinks about. These are quite common when putting a subwoofer inside a cabinet because of the amount of air that a subwoofer needs to move to produce low bass. Even two identical rooms in size and spacing may have different sweet spots for a subwoofer. Unfortunately there are not many class 1 Bluetooth wireless subs in the market. It depends on how you want your living space to look. But the correlation is simple, bigger space, bigger subwoofer. Due to the smaller screens of TV’s today, the natural sound emitted by the TV is rather substandard. Another interesting placement idea is known as the Rule of Thirds for subwoofers. More often than not, placing your subwoofer in the front of the room (relative to the listener) is the best way to go about it. Video games for instance are designed to be action packed and produce numerous frequencies. The best placement for your subwoofer depends on your room and your subwoofer. This means that experimenting with multiple placement options is much easier and therefore not something you should skip. This basically means that your subwoofer and sound bars can be on opposite sides of a room and be connected to one another. It will also sound more coherent with the other speakers but it may not be loud since the sound waves may not bounce as hard off the walls. bass or low-frequency waves, are very wide and therefore sound omnidirectional to the human ear. Placing the subwoofer further from the soundbar (assuming you’re using it with a soundbar) could expose more wiring than some people are willing to show. Too much space in between could lead to interference. And of course, will the wiring show? Don’t be afraid to step away from the norm. As far as wireless subwoofers are concerned, this doesn’t necessarily allow for very far placement. The objective of the subwoofer is to accentuate low frequency effects in films and enhance the bass in music. As far as wireless subwoofers are concerned, this doesn’t necessarily allow for very far placement. Therefore, use whichever corner that has less furniture between it and the listener. The convenience of using a soundbar for all your speakers (and subwoofer too) is that you don’t have to deal with multiple speakers, wires, and so on. Of course, to do this you will need some advanced audio equipment that you can insert between the subwoofer and the upstream component (preamp, receiver, soundbar, etc.). As to the exact position that the subwoofer and soundbar should occupy there are many possibilities here. A subwoofer is very dependent on room acoustics, furniture location, and placement. Here’s something very interesting. It’s also possible that a subwoofer can overheat and the voice coil or amplifier will blow sooner than anticipated. There is. You’ll still have to play around with the placement though, and checking with a frequency sweep and a sound pressure level (SPL) meter. When similar wavelengths reinforce one another due to acoustic factors and room design, the result can be an excess in bass response or a boom effect. If your sub or soundbar are wired then you are limited by the amount of wiring available. Another concern is regarding unwanted and unnecessary vibrations. There are also times when you do not need a subwoofer. But if you really want that added kick, the combination of a subwoofer and soundbar is probably the best. A guitar amplifier  strengthens the weak electrical signal from a pick up on an electric, bass or acoustic guitar. A guitar player, songwriter, composer, and also the lead editor of MusicOomph, Gavin is one of the four musician friends behind this site. While it may not necessarily be the best sound, it is often the most convenient place for a subwoofer. Although there are some downsides regarding installation, additional wiring, amplification, crossovers, and excessive noise coming out of your walls, this placement option can also enrich the sound, provided it’s done right. Where to place subwoofer with soundbar? Our experts say the optimal position would depend on your setup, the size of your TV, and the acoustics of your room. This is one of the reasons why it helps so much in creating an integrated sound from top to bottom. Placing the subwoofer in a corner will help it fire sound and bounce sound waves off the walls, floor, and ceiling. But, this can also cause bass waves to reflect back into one another. I have written in detail about subwoofers, as well as their pros and cons. Then, use the principles explained to figure out what’s best for your unique room setup. This principle can be applied to most placement options when it comes to finding the right distance between the sub and the wall. This article contains tips that will help you achieve the right configuration and setup for your home. Bass frequencies tend to be delicate and sensitive to the environment that you place them in. Over time, people can step on the wires and even damage them. In a larger room, you will have to do more testing to find a satisfactory spot for your subwoofer. There is always the risk that wires can get stuck in doors or get messed up by insects/water etc, so this is definitely ill advised. This speaker is responsible for playing the low bass only and it can really complement all the other speakers by making all of them sound better. So experiment with many different positions until it sounds just right. Most people like this option because having so many speakers and subs for home theater purposes, creates clutter and makes the room feel full. In some apartments you can hear the footsteps of your neighbors, so a subwoofer may get you in a lot of trouble. Audio engineering jobs will grow but will be heavily influenced by technological changes which will affect how that industry... Types of Guitar amplifiers: a beginner’s guide. The reason is to combine the audio of the soundbar with the subwoofer, so that the sound comes from the same direction, and works together, to create rich audio. Not all subwoofers can be installed inside walls. Finding the correct placement for a subwoofer will help minimize the occurrence of standing waves or bass nulls (though they’re impossible to eliminate completely in a standard room). Is there a way to improve the bass definition? Soundbars are a necessary component to a fully modernized home entertainment system and living area. Some positions will be superior to others. Outside of music, he's an avid sports fan and hardly misses anything from football (soccer) to F1. This prevents the sound from going in all directions and bouncing properly between the walls. As mentioned, a corner placement may give you louder bass but not necessarily the best bass response or quality. This concept revolves around setting down a subwoofer at a third of the way from a wall and into the room. These are all things you should ask yourself before choosing a subwoofer. This just gives you flexibility if you need it. Putting the subwoofer to the left or right of the TV stand is not a bad idea. Believe it or not, two subwoofers, as in a pair of stereo subs, can make a big difference in the richness of the sound. Its all a function of needing to here the kick that comes from low frequency sounds. All in all, the placement of you Sub woofer is a function of the sound (mostly bass) that you are trying to achieve from your subwoofer and soundbar. On the point bout acquiring a separate sub and soundbar, you need to ensure that the soundbar that you purchase accepts cables that can be plugged from a subwoofer. So let us talk a little more about subwoofers in the context of music and films.

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