The Martin DRS2 Acoustic Electric Guitar is a living proof that it is not. Does it live up to its claims of being a solid acoustic-electric guitar? The Martin DRS2 comes with all solid wood construction. Martin Drs2 is simply easy to play and it won’t abuse your fingers. Even if you’re a beginner, you shouldn't have any trouble picking up and using this Martin Drs2 guitar almost immediately. Every Martin Drs2 review will tell you that the Martin Drs2 guitar works as an acoustic and electric guitar. appearance that is extremely similar to ebony. Spruce is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and durable woods out there. “I ordered this guitar on Tuesday at night and by Thursday I had it with me. , Your email address will not be published. The guitars top projects crispy tone and excellent responsiveness. Mine reads Road Series crafted in Nazareth, Pa. My best guess is that due to a production problem in Mexico the Pa. factory had to make DRS1s to meet demand. Is this made in the US or Mexico? The price on Martin Drs2 is a little steep, but it’ll prove to be well worth it in the long run. But that does not mean it is not ideal for professional players. It will not disappoint you even when it comes to sound quality. Its body boasts solid Sitka spruce top for great balance and projection. The fret board also includes 20 The neck of the DRS2 features a hardwood material design that is perfectly crafted to suit Martin’s Artist Profile, which is made more possible as a result of the ergonomic design taper for a nice hand-fretting feel. It’s basically a perfect combination of acoustic and electric output. Being able to produce an accurate tone quickly and easily means you spend less time tuning and more time playing. It is going to withstand the test of time and it looks amazing. Martin Drs2 is simply easy to play and it won’t abuse your … Your email address will not be published. Let’s find out in this Martin DRS2 review. . Who said it is difficult to find a great guitar that combines the best of both worlds for guitar players? If you are interested to know more details let me know at “[email protected]” You can Offer Directly your price. It is easy to EQ and tune the guitar using the built in electronics. Want to know the connection between this words and Martin DRS2. You don’t have to spend a lot of time fiddling around just to get the. Their DRS2 is a prime example of the quality output the brand has to offer. The neck is a standard 25.4 inch constructed from select hardwood and boasts a satin finish. The Martin Company decided to use spruce to create Martin DRS2 because of the factors stated above. Similarly, it is a travel friendly versatile guitar as a result of its solid construction. Martin Guitars builds fantastic instruments in both the United States and in their facility in Navojoa. It is easy to play and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the guitar. Let's be honest. This website will be sold. Above all, the guitar has received a lot of positive reviews online. Maybe not even for a sound, but just for the way it looks. The Martin Drs2 Natural is easy to play, has a great sound projection and a warm tone. Not only that this material is giving the outstanding looks, but also, the dreadnought is quite good when it comes to sound quality. It not only can be machined into a straight arrow, but it can be polished and glossed to create a stunning overall appearance. Or, they might suck in the studio. This compact-size, plug-play electronics makes it much easier to achieve great tone. It rarely goes out of tune. It boasts beautiful tonality as well as resonance all round. It has a black pickguard that adds to the protection and the durability of the body. Well, Martin Drs2 is a real deal-breaker here. The back and sides boast solid sapele that results to bright tonality. If you’re thinking of spending big, the Martin DRS2 is the guitar to go for. This will allow you to mix up your routine without needing to separate instruments. With the 20 first certified fingerboards and its richlite design, the DRS2 provides unbeatable comfort and playability. On the contrary, intermediate players are the target audience for this guitar. The Martin brand hold weight in the world of acoustic-electric guitars. The quality of the guitar itself inspires so much confidence to players. Buy one get one free!!! For what you will be getting, the Martin DRS2 is quite affordable. The fret board is not only a true joy to play on, but it gives off an Of course for those looking for a rich but traditional Martin tone at a reasonable price. In addition to this, the headstock is extremely stylish with the traditional Martin design. In fact, the neck features a set-in design with a low modified oval shape that gives player the finest playability available. It is not just the body of the Martin Drs2 that makes it great. Martin Drs2 works great for onstage and studio performances. Unfortunately, tuning over and over again can wear out your headstock and tuners. Inside the soundhole are two control knobs for the volume and tone. Not only that this material is giving the outstanding looks, but also, the dreadnought is quite good when it comes to sound quality. It is comfortable for strumming hence a great choice for beginners. The multi-laminated Stratbond As a result, you enjoy better playability. We fixed it now, definitely Drs! The Body Of The Martin DRS2 Is Made Of Solid Wood. Customer support on the other hand is decent. This means no long waiting periods to worry about. In most cases, it takes at least three days before you can have your guitar. Its sound is lively and very articulate. Its unique and enduring black richlite is also featured on the guitar’s modern belly bridge. Its slim neck profile takes the playability of the DRS2 to a whole new level. If you make a mishap with your pick, you can rest assured that the black pick guard will be in the right place to offer the extra protection that you need. The DRS2 is a Mexican made dreadnought guitar constructed using solid sapele for the back and sides and solid sitka spruce for the top. It comes with a variety of great features to meet your musical needs. Just plug in and you are ready to go. Otherwise normal wear on pic guard. Considering its competitively priced, Martin sure went out of their way to craft something of such high quality. Some guitars have a terrible pickup and that makes them unsuitable for certain situations. My only regret is that I wish I had bought it like decades ago.”-Jack, *I love this guitar’s top quality construction. It is also made of multilaminated stratabond for extra stability and endurance. It has the right amount of treble, bass and midrange and can get as loud as you can play. right sound. I bought an American made Martin DRS1. Item location: Garland, Texas, United States. In addition, the guitar’s neck has a modified low-oval shape that is quite comfortable. The black pick guard only adds to the durability and protection of the body. Every aspect of the Martin DRS2 just screams 'premium’. The price on Martin Drs2 is a little steep, but it’ll prove to be well worth it in the long run. The body of DRS2 is made of Sitka spruce top. Featuring a 1.69 inch width at the nut, this guitar offers easy playing experience. Someone needs to proof read this whole article. Now you can get a really nice and premium guitar without paying the price of high-end models. The sides and back of the Martin Drs2 are constructed with solid sapele and finished in a beautiful satin. And still, it is versatile enough for veterans. Looking for Martin Drs2 review? Many users praising it for its excellent playability and sound. Price: US $500.00. It results in slight neck heaviness in the guitar. Even if you’re a beginner, you shouldn't have any trouble picking up and using this Martin Drs2 guitar almost immediately. Read our Martin Drs2 review to learn all about Martin Drs2. As a result, it boasts smooth transition from acoustic guitar to electric. Required fields are marked *. The major difference I can see is the label. It might be a little pricier but you get a lot of bang for your back. The guitar’s overall look is further subdued with black richlite fretboard. The Martin DRS2 places the solid wood dreadnought tone this company became famous for within the intermediate price bracket for gigging musicians and those looking to step up from a beginner model.

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