The 10 Star Ranking is a feature in the first four Silent Hill games, with the exception of the Born from a Wish scenario. Earning a 10 Star Rank is a difficult challenge, as there are many constraints and requirements involved. Well, Revelations was largely set on a cruise ship, which opened up a whole world of hideous watery foes. Ghost babies. These poor souls have been infected with the Las Plagas parasite, which has given them incredible strength and durability at the cost of their humanity. Which are the most frightening and ugliest bosses in the franchise, though? In the meantime, he’s trapped in an enclosed area with one of the most formidable enemies in all of the sublime Resident Evil 4: the Verdugo (Executioner). That sense of the unknown, of impending doom creeping up your pants leg. Bullet adjust can be increased up to 6x by getting all the endings. On the surface, at least. What could Capcom do to bring us something new? Other than this, 10 Stars will result in an upgraded Beam Saber and flamethrower. Refrain from using the Hyper Blaster as it can decrease the score. The first save should be just before the hospital corridor encounter with Pyramid Head, as. Earning a 10 Star Rank results in the best Hyper Blaster upgrade (green). As such, … Formidable, but they can be swiftly dealt with by experienced players. Increase "bullet adjust" in the Extra Options menu as high as possible. More than any survival horror series, Silent Hill has some of the most disturbing creatures you ever going to find. The 2012 game Shattered Memories was a remake of the original Silent Hill game where most of the plot details were carried forward with a … Resident Evil is a survival horror franchise known for its grotesque bosses, and here we take a look at the ten most terrifying ones. The encounter with Jack in the garage, after he dispatches the police officer through the head with a shovel from behind, is on a completely new level of unsettling. Examples: with 80 by fighting, 140 by shooting and 30 "bonus"-attacks, the formula will be (80 + 140 / 2) / (5 + 0) = 30. Spooky bosses. It’s a huge, towering creature that attacks Jill Valentine and Parker Luciani in the Promenade Hall, before they’re finally able to kill it on the observation deck. Do not use special weapons, as they decrease the score. Still, the fact that it’s possible to easily defeat it means it has to miss out on the top three spots. There’s just a vibe about them, a vibe that a hefty dose of the t-Virus absolutely does not help with. You probably know this beast better as ‘that disgusting crab/tentacle thing you fight on the elevator.’ Tricell preferred to be a little more mysterious and scientific when naming their creatures, though, so this Resident Evil 5 boss was officially designated Ultimate-8. Buckle up and let’s take a look! Most of the series’ bosses make us wonder just how the heck the designers managed to come up with something that ugly. RELATED: 10 Games Spookier Than Silent Hill. In the wake of the incident, Umbrella need to eradicate anybody who witnessed the events in the mansion, so they deploy a new B.O.W. If there’s one thing a successful survival horror game needs, it’s the scare factor. Silent Hill – A varied mix of terrifying creatures that force you to play differently. He went through a total of five different stages of mutation, each as dashingly handsome (in a hey, look at this gigantic eyeball in my shoulder sort of way) as the last, before finally being defeated. The 10 Star Ranking is a feature in the first four Silent Hill games, with the exception of the Born from a Wish scenario. Replayed recently, and it's hard to deny how brilliant it was. With their eyelids sewn shut, they cannot see, but their sensitive hearing soon allows them to locate Leon and try to tear him apart. It was first released on the PSP but later ported to the Playstation 2 in 2008. Giant bats and moths are more than enough to deal with, but the original Resident Evil’s Neptune creature (more specifically, the mother, which is fought as a boss) is probably the most terrifying of all. This is one of the most visually impressive areas in the Resident Evil remake and the monstrous shark was truly a force to be reckoned with. While that’s great and all, we’re not sure that introducing the horror that is William Birkin’s “G” form to a new generation was the best idea. It's not often talked about as one of the great Silent Hill games, but Silent Hill: The Room has some genuinely creepy foes and a storyline that's just as twisted as the rest of the series. Category:Bosses - Silent Hill Wiki - Your special place about everyone's favorite resort town. ), Unless proficient at dodging, it is best to avoid. 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