Soakaways should be constructed in a circuit to make a continuous loop. A perc test, which paves the way for a septic system on your property, is only necessary when the property does not already have access to a municipal sewer system. Landowners and homeowners that utilize a septic system should get a perc test … Septic soil percolation tests or soil absorption test procedures: The ability of a drain field, also called leach field, or drain field, to absorb septic effluent determines the size, location, and type of effluent … A perc test, or percolation test, is a soil test that is performed before installing a septic system tank. So, you should keep this in mind while you’re doing your due diligence because it may eliminate the need for a perc test … Where: P= the number of persons served V= percolation test … A inspection chamber must be installed between the septic tank and the soakaway. 2. It determines how quickly the material from the septic … A perc test, sometimes referred to as a “perk test” or percolation test, determines the water absorption rate of your soil—specifically, how much time it takes for the soil to drain. A perc test is only necessary if a property doesn’t have access to a municipal sewer system . The perc test is extremely important because it measures the level of liquid absorption of the soil where the proposed septic tank will be located. To calculate the size of the soakaway, use this formula: Area = P x V x 0.25. A percolation test determines the soil's ability to absorb fluids for the installation of a septic system.

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