Play. While seemingly insignificant, the addition of these layers helps to transform the mattresses into two unique models, with the Kelburn having a softer, deep sinkage feel while the Copper has just a bit more bounce. The Sleepopolis team is a group of sleep enthusiasts that will bring you the latest reviews, news, and analysis on all things sleep. As I sank into the structure, I could feel these materials filling in the space at my lumbar region for some nice pressure relief. Hybrid Mattresses /. Perhaps one of the most noticeable difference between the two beds is their price. Regardless of the collection you go with, I’ve found that all of these Sealy Hybrid beds have a soft feel to them thanks to their thick layers of memory foam up top. Instead of a layer of Extra Soft Foam, the Copper employs an extra layer of firm support foam as well as a thin base of high-density poly foam. While these changes may not seem drastically different, they do contribute to the bed’s totally unique feel. See More from Sealy. This model has two layers of foam compared to the Copper II models (which have an added layer of Sealy Comfort Sense Foam). Side panel fabric is much more breathable than the previous collection and allows for a more optimal airflow to help you keep cool the whole night through. These are pretty fantastic motion transfer results, which tell me that you shouldn’t be too bothered by your partner’s tossing and turning. While this test will be important to all sleepers, it’s especially relevant for those with a bed mate as it’ll let you know just how bothered you’ll be by their movements in the middle of the night. This helps the mattress retain less heat. As you likely noticed, the Kelburn and the Copper feature nearly identical constructions, with soft foam top layers up top supported by a Tempurpedic pocketed coil system below. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. And it’s also $300 less expensive. Next up, we’re going to chat about these beds’ pressure, or more specifically where pressure points are likely to form while lying on top of them. These springs lifted me up and out of the structure, allowing me to use the entire surface area of the bed. This is quite a lot of sinkage, which isn’t that surprising when you consider the thick layers of foam that overlay the pocketed coil system. You’re likely to really sink into this bed as the materials contour to the curves of your body. Rest easy on the Sealy Kelburn II cushion firm mattress. As these spots are typical problem areas for side sleepers, I’d say this bed could be great for those who doze primarily on their sides. The Kelburn and the Copper feature nearly identical constructions, however, one of the most noticeable differences between the two beds is their price. The Kelburn II mattress offers body-conforming pressure relief and cooling memory foam! For this review, I’ll be digging into the middle level of the Sealy Hybrid Line, the Sealy Hybrid Performance. We ‘Recommend’ the mattress for side sleepers and rate it ‘Good’ for back sleepers, so we say this bed is a good choice for everybody who likes a medium comfort bed. Each bed also features a section that’s unique to them, as seen in either the Extra Soft Foam in the Kelburn or the Sealy Support Foam in the Copper. Pressure points cause you to become uncomfortable and that makes you toss and turn, preventing a good night’s sleep. While featuring less sinkage than the Kelburn, the Copper II still boasts a lot of the stuff. To give you an idea of where these tension spots might crop up, I placed a pressure map on top of each mattress and rested on my back, side, and stomach. This mattress’s comfort will be acceptable to … The combination of technologies helps to keep the mattress cool while you sleep. Since folks of different sizes and body types are going to feel firmness differently, I decided to invite three other testers to help me figure out the firmnesses of these Sealy beds. I should note that this write-up is going to be a little different than my other Sealy Hybrid ones because the Performance comes in two models: the Kelburn II and the Copper II. Here’s our quick Video Review. Instead, strict stomach sleepers should check out the firmer Sealy Hybrid Essentials. For this reason, I’d say the Kelburn II could make a great pick for anyone who sleeps with a partner. The Sealy was only $200 more than the Casper but the feel and quality was like night and day. Click here to skip to the bottom and check out my review summary. The Kelburn 2 has most of what’s in the more expensive Premium models except for the cool cover. steel ball from heights of 4 inches, 8 inches and 12 inches and measured the disturbance it caused: the bigger the lines, the bigger the disturbance. As I mentioned up top, I found this bed to have a firmness of about 5/10, which tells me it’s a pretty soft structure perfect for those who slumber on their sides. The Sealy Hybrid Performance Kelburn II Cushion Firm mattress model is recommended by 65% of owners on GoodBed (based on 23 ratings).

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