As I pull the mic further from the head, it’s going to take away some of that articulation and give me a more boomy sound. Related Posts Bleed from the cymbals and from the other drums, which can be a real problem for the kick, because it’s driving the entire song and a lot of times, when you’re mixing, you want to gate your kick and snare. You take a boom mic stand at a 90º angle, and you place the arm of the boom on top of the kick drum – making sure there’s foam or something between the stand and the drum so you don’t scratch the drum up. Sometimes I’m no more than 2″ from where the beater is smacking the head, and that’s going to give me a real tappy sound. How to record a snare drum In some cases, they got the tuning to sound pretty amazing, so it worked out pretty well. © 2019 Disc Makers Blog. I’ve also taped a coin, a quarter or a dime, onto the head on the beater side, to get this tappy, heavy metal, Megadeath “click” to the bass drum sound. He owns and operates a private studio called Kiva Productions right outside of Philadelphia in Jenkintown, PA, where he records and produces his own music along with local and national acts. The good news is there are many clones of the 47 FET available on the market these days. You need to make sure that the beater head is evenly tuned, to start with. The mic of choice for most recording engineers when recording a kick drum is a … You’re making the diaphragm move when it doesn’t have to. I have a couple of issues with that, especially if the hole is close to the same size as the mic. The biggest issue with having the mic outside the drum is the bleed. It’s certainly not right for every situation. You don’t really want to put the mic right behind the beater, facing it straight on, because you can pretty easily over-extend the diaphragm and distort the transformer, as well as produce other unwanted effects. Kick (bass) drum. Tune your drum kit. Any recording engineer will tell you that the most important element to a great … At the end of the tent, I put a shotgun microphone (like the Sennheiser 416), and that’s where I get the extended low end. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. How to record better tones in your home studio I wasn’t able to gate the kick and had to work with more of an open sound, which isn’t always a bad thing. How to get better results mixing in your home studio Those three together are pretty amazing, because there are lots of situations where you might want to hear the heavy beater sound and even pick up the pedal noise as well. Yes, and with good results too! Another mic I like to use is the Sennheiser 421 – there are three generations of these and each one provides a slightly different tone. Getting a great vocal take in the studio All Rights Reserved. Based on how great the large-diaphragm condenser (LDC) FET mics sound, I think they’ll be staying around for some time, unlike the fate of the subkick. The first thing I do when recording kick drum is have a drummer take everything out of the drum and listen to what’s going on. Required fields are marked *. The recording of the 'KickHeadOnOutside' audio files placed five AKG D112s at four inches from the kick drum's resonant head, and combined them with a Sennheiser MD421 and a … However, most of us, including myself, are unable to afford a $3-4k microphone for this use. The idea here is to use a large diaphragm condenser with fast electronics to really move some air. These days I’m seeing more Neumann U 47 FET microphones on the outside of a kick drum — in tandem with an inside beater mic — than anything else. When learning how to record a kick drum, realize there are no rules. While certainly not a “natural” sound, this approach can be heard on countless recordings and remains many engineers’ go-to strategy for kick drum recording. How to record better tones in your home studio, How to get better results mixing in your home studio, How to use interviews to promote and maximize your message, The services and skills you need to promote and grow your music career, Licensing holiday songs — don’t assume it’s in the public domain, Don’t do it alone: Live music event roles, My overnight success was 15 years in the making.

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