The slaughtering of animals according to Jewish rites is also to be prohibited. In addition, these foods cannot be made with prohibited methods such as ionizing radiation. On the other hand, "bear and bull-baiting, interludes, and (at all times in the meane sort of people by law prohibited) bowling" were not to be permitted on Sunday (Wilkins, Concilia, iv. Enlightened bishops and princes prohibited it altogether: so, for instance, Joseph II. Ireland was left out of the Navigation Act of 1663 and in the same year was prohibited from exporting cattle to England in any month previous to July. The Budget was supposed to be drawn up according to an excellent set of regulations sanctioned by imperial decree, dated the 6th of July 1290 (1875), of which the first article absolutely prohibited the increase, by the smallest sum, of any of the expenses, or the abandonment of the least iota of the revenues fixed by the budget. The Life of Apollonius was first published by Aldus (1502); a French translation by Blaise de Vigenere appeared in 1596; an English translation of the first two books was published in London (1680) by Charles Blount, with some notes by Lord Herbert of Cherbury (prohibited in England in 1693, it was reprinted on the Continent); a full translation appeared in 1903. An ordinance of Louis XI., in 1473, directed against the nominalists, prohibited the reading of his works. In 1607 he was attached to the archbishop of Esztergom, and in the following year attracted attention by his denunciation, in the Diet, of the 8th point of the peace of Vienna, which prohibited the Jesuits from acquiring landed property in Hungary. 2. It is prohibited to stipulate in the constitution charter additional benefit consisting of work or personal services of the partners. wide on each side of the trans-Siberian railway was absolutely prohibited in 1895, and the extent of crown lands sold to a single person or group of persons never exceeds 1080 acres unless an especially useful industrial enterprise is projected, and in that case the maximum is fixed at 2700 acres. The Board of Immigration, using funds contributed by planters, was very active in its efforts to encourage the immigration of suitable labourers, but the general immigration law of 1907 prohibited the securing of such immigration through contributions from corporations. Whilst Sankara's mendicant followers were prohibited to touch fire and had to subsist entirely on the charity of Brahman householders, Ramanuja, on the contrary, not only allowed his followers to use fire, but strictly forbade their eating any food cooked, or even seen, by a stranger. During the early years an enormous amount was wasted; this was soon prohibited by law, and a realization that the supply was not unlimited resulted in a better appreciation of its great value. prohibited the attendance of French delegates. Canon Law as a study had been practically prohibited at the universities since 1536 (Merriman, Thomas Cromwell, i. Another statute prohibited the burgesses from holding landed property and enjoying the privileges attaching thereto. If you've ever dreamed of bedecking your style with a fresh flower, seasonal availability and the tricky insertion of the bloom may have prohibited their successful use in your hair. While park employees do check bags before entering the park, they will only search your food looking for glass containers, which are prohibited. The emperor Akbar is said to have prohibited it by law, but the early British rulers did not dare so far to violate the religious customs of the people. Either party may seek judicial relief to compel the other party to comply with the provisions of this Section, or injunctive or other equitable relief to protect its intellectual property rights, provided (unless prohibited by applicable law) that the remainder of the dispute or claim is submitted to arbitration. In some cases they survive by migration, but this is often prohibited by physical barriers, These, however, have often protected them from the competition of more vigorous invading races. With a view of effecting the reduction of street car fares to three cents, the state legislature in 1899 passed an act for purchasing or leasing the street railways of the city, but the Supreme Court pronounced this act unconstitutional on the ground that, as the constitution prohibited the state from engaging in a work of internal improvement, the state could not empower a municipality to do so. Among its acts was the assumption of the right of ratifying a proposed amendment to the constitution of the United States which prohibited Congress from interfering with the institution of slavery within a state, although the right of ratification belonged to the legislature. A coarse and strong tobacco was formerly extensively grown, but its cultivation was prohibited in 1890. But though the same statute absolutely prohibited bowling alleys, Henry VIII. Early in the 19th century a large transit trade in opium between Karachi and China was carried on at Damaun, but it ceased in 1837, when the British prohibited it after their conquest of Sind. Hiking is prohibited in this area. Towards the end of August the sale was prohibited; on the 1st of October the author was cited to Rome by the Inquisition. To guard against this competition, the export of tobacco seed from Turkey was prohibited in 1907. the growth of tobacco in Great Britain has been practically prohibited, the original enactment to that effect having been passed to encourage trade with the young colony of Virginia.

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