It has the key pieces all in one place that you will see many engineers use on their own mastering chains. I don't love the sound of either of their compressors, though again I find the FF more precise and intuitive to dial in, and with more versatile sidechain filtering options. Overall. Conclusion: Fabfilter Vs iZotope ozone 9 Mastering Plugins. With Ozone 9, you are given the tools to do so. Well, here was the comparison between Fabfilter Vs iZotope Ozone 9. However, apart from Ozone Advanced, the other 2 editions have not many features that will inspire you to buy them. iZotope Ozone 9 is a bundle of mixing and mastering specific tools. This review is based on the advanced edition. I did my testing in Ozone Advanced 9.0.2. Ozone 9 comes in three different versions with varying amounts of utility. Features. Best for: Ozone 9 is best built for mastering final tracks once you have exported your mix. As with previous versions, you can run Ozone either as a standalone application or as a plug-in, which iZotope refers to as the Mothership. The conclusion is stated first. 9 seems a lot better than 8 for the standard and advanced versions, but not sure about Elements, which is pretty stripped down to begin with and not sure if any of 9's improvements really carry over much for just the Elements version? Now you know the differences between both the plugins. Ozone's dynamic EQ is more fully-featured than the dynamic capabilities in the FF EQ. If you are unsure which version fits your need best take a look at available Compare Ozone 9 Features. If you ask me to choose one of them, I’ll go with iZotope Ozone 9. You’ll not get features like Master to rebalance, Low-end focus, and Tonal balance control features with elements and standard. Ozone 9’s fantastic arsenal of features cannot be compared to any single specific app. In a mastering context, I don't love either of their saturators (though FF Saturn has some cool applications for production/mixing). iZotope splits the complete Product into three different solutions. iZotope Ozone 9 Standard – $249; Ozone 9 Advanced – $499; You can choose one of those which suites your pocket. The most important differences between Ozone 9 Elements, Standard and Advanced are: Elements: Standard: Advanced: Dither Codec Preview Match EQ Master Rebalance Low End Focus Tonal Balance Control 2 Spectral Shaper Available as single plug-in Stand-alone There are other differences as well, so please check the iZotope official page for details. Ozone comes in Advanced, Standard and Elements versions. This review is based on the advanced edition. Ozone 9 Versions: Elements – Standard – Advanced. Looking at Ozone 9 Standard, we want to include some of the key aspects from Advanced that are still available. When discussing new features in this review, I’ll indicate which are included in the various versions. Features. Elements is a great place to start your mastering process, at $29. With everything from compressors, to mastering options, you can use Ozone 9 Advanced every step of the way. I would recommend going for the Advanced Version of Ozone.

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