I use to ride my cycle when playing with friends. The learning phase is the best phase of life, which not only makes you to learn how to ride a bicycle, but helps to understand many new chapters of life. So, I am in my adolescent phase of life now. I was a fast learning child. God, the bicycle was very heavy. And never keep any question to yourself. But I was desperately pressurising my parents to get me the same. Bicycles are common and almost every kid has a bicycle. The cycle was a bit big for me. I have an elder sister who was not much interested in bicycling. I asked my parents with all the broken words and memories of what he said and what he meant. You won’t fall. I had no idea when I successfully ahead with my bicycle all by myself. Therefore’ a cycle is a ‘Mehnnat ka fal’ which most of us get for the very first time in life. Now I understood what he meant. My cycle will always be very close to my heart as it was my first step towards in dependency. It’s also the trend or part of growing up, right? While growing up, we learn many things. I love to ride my bicycle as it feels like I am flying in the sky. While looking up to the flashbacks of yesterday, I feel calm, and a significant smile is there on my face. Childhood learning is such an innocent and fabulous memory. I did what he told me to do. And when I look towards my cycle it gives me a broad smile on face, and makes me remember of those beautiful memories. Enjoy while you learn! In life, whatever we do – we must educate ourselves; know it, be practical at the core. No doubt, if you are a younger sibling, you will be getting the used cycle of your elder one. He further said: You quickly managed to run the bicycle on your own without falling. For a child with not so large brain capacity, I did not understand the meaning of “Hired” word, which I have learnt now. Essay on My Cycle or Bicycle for class 5 I have a beautiful cycle. Dad said: I can’t train you myself because of the time limit. Me and my friend’s race with each other. Ask that brother, every doubt you have. It was indeed a great journey. Finally the day came when I managed to learn how to ride my cycle. Therefore, there was no frustration or shouting from the neighbor kid, who was my mentor those days. My bicycle had always been a great source of inspiration, and was the most beautiful part of my childhood as well as teenage. It was my uncle who took this very initiative. Always wait, if mummy wants something from the shop. But you managed to shock me with trying to balance in the midway. Essay on My Cycle or Bicycle for class 5 for School kids and senior students,200,250,500 words, for Class 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 and 12. Be confident. My family friends and their parents would always compliment my learning spirits. The brand new second hand bicycle, used by the elder sibling is the trend in Indian families, similar is the trend in my family. But they were first not very much willing, considering the risks and dangers. But the fight was necessary with the brother as he was always regretting, that he is totally wasting his time teaching me how to ride a bicycle, since forced by my father, instead he would have gone out to play with his friends. I was much more of a questioning as well as a curious child. He pointed out the directions I covered. This is a bicycle. I said: it’s! It is made of steel and rubber. I completed around half of the distance in a straight line. So, I got up early morning. Required fields are marked *, All Rights Reserved Copyrights @ 2020 StudyToday.net. Learning a cycle was one of the biggest fear of my life, I always had to request somebody to teach me how to ride a bicycle, either my brother, my father or anybody whom I found capable enough to teach me, I still remember every time I went to learn with my brother we would always fight, and my brother would say you can never ride a bicycle, and on the way more than learning a bicycle, I would focus on how to get my brother scolded by my father. Only the difference is, you fall off these vehicles, and your injuries are physical and can be cured. He made me understood the simple fact. Suddenly, a bee came in front of me and started dancing with its murmur sounds. I was skeptical. When they taught us the bicycle by holding it from behind, while we were struggling to learn the art of cycling and balancing; through all this, our bicycle was always with us. I am feeling happy and proud because you made me realize nothing is impossible. There is a first fall of the bicycling ride of everybody whenever they learn. After that for next 10 days I didn’t looked for it was day or night, I kept on riding it all through Old Willingdon Camp, Race Cource. I got my bicycle. You can strongly challenge those life hurdles. Therefore, my dad paid my neighbour –the right amount of money to teach me well. So, I did quite well with the paddling session. The next day, he showed me the move of the handles – how to take on left/ right/center at the appropriate measure. You do not have to lie to me, just to make me smile. I was curious and annoyed with somebody else laughing at my situation. And each phase has a different method of falling. The learning phase is the best phase of life, which not only makes you to learn how to ride a bicycle, but helps to understand many new chapters of life. Mugging up is never a solution to any problem. The blue red cycle, handle like an ear of the elephant, seems too high to hold or too tough to ride. It was not just about a bicycle learning phase of my life. You changed my thinking pattern. You were so much passionate about your learning journey. And if you are unlucky in marks and also the elder or only kid of your parents, you will have to rise on their expectations. But in the modern era, every service and product value is measured in terms of money. My brother had been a great teacher all through my life be it teaching how ride a bicycle, how to drive a car or how to lead a life he always have been the best supportive hero of my life. I love to ride my cycle very much. I … I saw that elder brother –he was laughing at me. As being very brilliant at the sports in school, I was always eager to learn things too quickly. When I grew up my father bought me a big bicycle. When I left you all by yourself from behind, I was a bit scared. He never explained to me deeply. But the excitement was above it. I was very much keen to learn. I am not lying or boasting about your caliber just because I am getting paid for it. He said I am very proud of you. Just consider paddling the two rectangular machine-like kit below. But my childhood has been the greatest of all till the date. But to my cynical sense, you outbound my thinking. I was about to teach you after 3 days. If you fall and get yourself hurt, my first teaching experience would be worst. To this, he said: No, not all. And do let me know if he misbehaves or mistreats you. It is fine. Lastly, I would like to say that a cycle is a machine whose engine is human being and hence I love my cycle it gave me great rides of life. My father got bought it from him at a flexible price. Those injuries were invisible, remains to you only, nobody will laugh on your face, but secretly at your back. I was very excited. Essay about Cycling: The Road to Good Health 1008 Words5 Pages Cycling is the best way to get in shape, enjoy the outdoors, and have fun while you’re doing it. Oh! Your email address will not be published. Unfortunately, many people think bicycles are for kids and often overlook the positive physical and psychological health benefits of cycling. A self confidence that there is nothing we can’t do in life, though there will be many hurdles in life, but we need to cross them and achieve our small yet beautiful dreams. A replica of reflex action is ultimately seen in every field. The most difficult part of learning a cycle is maintaining the balance which is further too scary. Jul 21, 2017. It is my bicycle. I too had been longing for one and I kept telling my parents that I wanted one. Even he used to enjoy my company during those hours. So, that you can stand smiling if life laughs harder on you.

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