Thank god for 1 year return I will wait for Emeryville to reopen much closer to my house. The route is in the garage it a hassle. So the lights turn on and your blinds open in the morning while you’re still in bed. “We’re continuously adding new products that work with TRÅDFRI gateway and the IKEA Home smart app. In the morning, a timer turns on my lights at just the right dimness and color, and my workspace has its lights on bright from 9am-6pm. No. Smart lighting is one way we’re using technology to improve life at home. I went to Ikea to Sacramento when it reopened to purchase a few more things. The possibility to connect it to the Internet? To use the gateway you need an internet connection. - plugged the gateway into power and ethernet - verified that it showed up on the list of devices on my router, and was assigned an IP - downloaded the app and tried to contact the gateway - was never able to contact the gateway, after multiple restarts and manual entry of gateway IP, etc. Then if I click the question mark for troubleshooting it gets an error loading the HTTPS URL. Just link it to my ikea account I already have. I should have done more research this speaker is only wifi enable which is limited like the HomePod. First off it only works plugged into the route. You need to sync the remote control to the lights. I have been very pleased with how well it works out of the box. It has good potential. First off, this tradfri system is a great value for the money! With the IKEA Tradfri Gateway you can connect your IKEA smart lighting to your home network and control it all with the app on your phone or tablet or by speaking to Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant. With the TRÅDFRI gateway you can connect your smart IKEA products such as blinds, light bulbs, and speakers and control them with the IKEA Home smart app through a phone or tablet. Say ‘dinner time’ to dim the lights and play your favorite music in the background. You can turn off, turn on, dim, choose colors and change from warm to cold light. A gateway basically allows those devices to communicate to your Wi-Fi and/or wired network. But it came with firmware version 1.2.42, which is almost two years old and doesn't support integration with Google Assistant. But if you want to connect them to your mobile device, you need to download the app and have the TRÅDFRI gateway. If I try the URL ( on my computer, I get a redirect. “Lighting is such an important part of life at home,” says Rebecca. Hidden cable management for ethernet and power cables. I have an Ikea tower light which I cannot connect a regular dimmer to. It's an affordable solution, although quite not affordable. Most people who want to make their home smarter, start with the lighting. Imagine a cozy weekday family dinner, lights glowing soft and warm. At first I could control the lights using Google Assistant, it acknowledges the command saying it turned off 4 lights but nothing happens. Other than the instructions being a bit confusing on what to do first with the bulbs and pairing, it seems to be OK. Shouldn't the unit at the store be sold with a more recent firmware that actually can be updated??? When you see this badge on a product, you can be sure it'll work with your IKEA Home smart app and connects with the TRÅDFRI gateway. From the kitchen to the bedroom, feel seamlessly connected throughout your home. I can work electronics quit we’ll but this was frustrating enough that I decided to just give up setting it up. “You can connect many different product types to the TRÅDFRI gateway. “You can start with the function that suits you and your family’s life, and you can build on that,” says Rebecca. Make your home feel more safe with lighting that turns on right away upon motion. For example it was impossible to control the same lamp with a switch and motion sensor at the same time. Not a quality product. The Gateway is on the network, so why can't it get out to the internet.

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