AMEN. Loved this recipe! This vegan and gluten-free, roasted chickpea kale salad features lemon tahini sauce, avocado, roasted sweet potato and sunflower seeds. Super delicious dressing, 10/10 would make again . Check out this tutorial! Wonderful! We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Rhonda! It’s super helpful for us and other readers. But… how did you know? Thank you for sharing this amazing recipe! I followed the recipe to a T including making the spice mix except I only used a half a head of roasted garlic in the dressing. Passing this on to my co-workers and Dr. Love it! I’m wondering if I can use something to substitute the tahini as I don’t have any on hand. The only thing I did differently was use 1 Tbsp of honey just because I don’t like stuff too sweet. The first time I made this, my garlic burned quite a bit and my chickpeas weren’t really crunchy. Oh my goodness! And I think silan (date syrup) could work wonder here instead of maple, if only for the combination with thaini. : )) next comes kale chips hehe. THIS WAS SO GOOD! This looks absolutely savory & delicious! Dawn @ Florida Coastal Cooking & Wellness says. LOVE this faster way to roast garlic and roasted garlic is one of my favorite things ever!! Excited to try this! Has anyone encountered this issue? :D. I just tried making this and it’s delicious! I’ve been making more recently and loosely plan to do some tutorials so stay tuned! I’ll have to try to use cooked chickpeas, it might be easier (and faster too, right?). I think the ginger and cardamom (in higher quantities) and DEFINITELY the tomatoes would not have left you with a very nice tasting meal. Not sure if this is helpful for you but I just throw garlic powder, paprika and chilli (and salt and pepper) on the chickpeas…i’m usually pretty generous with my spices too (I add about one to two tablespoons of each of those noted spices) – even a small can of chickpeas can handle that flavour in my opinion. Great job! Second time around I kept the garlic whole and sliced the top off and cooked it that way, much easier to work with. It was delicious! This is one of the sexiest kale salads I’ve ever seen. I think next time, if I’m shy a lemon (or out! It is super healthy and actually incredibly satisfying! Thanks!! ? I cannot wait to try it :) Thank you for your yummy recipes! Wow wow wow! I will definitely make this again and try it on the family next time. I did find it a little odd in the recipe notes that you put 3 teaspoons of ginger. When I first went vegan, I came across your blog. What a fantastic recipe! I’ll address your concerns. Makes a difference. I have tried kale in salads before and could barely get it down, but this….this is amazing. ), I will try subbing some rice vinegar or apple cider vinegar — I bet it would be quite passable. I had a lot left over from the dressing and it has a pretty intense lemony flavour so I didn’t use too much of it, but it makes the kale really delicious! Definitely double up if you’re serving more than 2. Printed several recipes … this one looks Ah-mazing..! I made a Masala Tofu Scramble a while back and fell in love with this smoky spice combination. After sitting on the kale all day it gave it more flavor, and the leaves weren’t soggy (+1 for kale!) ... Kale Squash Chickpea Salad With Tahini Dressing. My husband loved it too! (loosely chopped or torn // ~6-8 cups or 10 ounces as original recipe is written), olive oil + more for roasting garlic and massaging kale, (plus more for massaging kale // ~2 small lemons). This recipe is so customizable and the dressing is fantastic! Oh my!! I also added a bit of schriracha and cinnamon to the tandoori masala and tossed crumbled feta with the kale. The dinner was billed as a vegetarian’s nightmare, so you can get a flavor for the tastes of those present (including my own). xoxo. thank you for sharing this! We subbed out tahini for cashew butter. When I visit your website on my phone it keeps having a silent audio track that means I can’t browse your site and have music or a podcast at the same time! I know this isn’t always possible though! I have made this several times now, with the addition of cherry tomatoes, cucumber and avocado… And our print cookbook due out this fall will be primarily savory dishes as well! This is our new Thursday-night-and-Friday-lunch meal! This was a big hit last night at a dinner (also made / brought your lemon bars!) Bake for about 15 minutes until toasted and crispy, tossing occasionally to evenly cook. You’re welcome. I’m a BIG garlic fan so you had me at garlic. This is probably my favorite recipe.

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