11) _________ You guys are very good at cracking jokes. Interjections of joy are used to express happiness or joy on an incident, news or pleasant surprise. Oops! Sign Up to get started. 9) Ahoy! For example- ha-ha, hurray, yahoo, wow, yippee etc. 15) As soon as he entered the class his friends lifted him up and the whole class started yelling ________. Though there are certain specific words which are considered as Interjections but in a broad sense almost any word can be used as Interjection. or a Comma, when written. Treasure house of knowledge. an appeal for applause at the conclusion of a play or other performance, contempt, dismissal; (noun) a male homosexual, expressing the sound of someone spitting, inquire (suggesting doubt, or desirability of investigation); (noun) a query, Salaam, salaams, salaams, salaamed, salaaming, salutation; (verb) to perform a low bow with palm on forehead, a greeting, = SALVE but to more than one person, (Jewish) peace, used as a salutation at meeting or parting: peace, expressing disgust in South African language, expressing surprise, admiration in South African language, a drinking toast; (verb) to propose such a toast, introduce a new topic, question or story, to acknowledge the success or appropriateness of an argument, an accusation, or a witty point, Tallyho, tallyhos, tallyhos, tallyhoed, tallyhoing. That’s so nice of you! 0. Eek! She writes regularly and always seeks for creativity and tries hard to polish her writing skills to make them glitter with the same shimmer that her name owns. 1) ________ he was so funny that the crowd burst out into laughter! Mother is buying me a new dress for the festival. express exuberance, enthusiasm or to attract attention. Examples of Interjections of Surprise. Eep! I didn’t intend to hurt you! Adjectives, adverbs, nouns, verbs become interjections when they represent an exclamation. 2) _________ Principal approved our request for a class tour. Expresses strong joy. I am offered extra cheese by one of the restaurant workers. In the above Interjections Examples, the words in bolds represents Interjection as they express emotions or feelings. Here is a list of interjections with meanings and example sentences. They same rule applies to the interjections of joy i.eHurrrraaay!, Yaahhooo! 9) Yahoo! 13) Aloha! Fill in the Blanks Exercise/Activity on Interjection of Joy. Ltd. All rights reserved. 10) _________ the fans were yelling on every six hit by the bat’s man. 4) ________ it is my best friend’s birthday today! geez. mainly American used to express a reaction such as surprise or admiration. We all are going to a picnic during holidays. Books! 9) ________ we are going to our grandparents in dussehra. 12) _________ The exams are finally over! For example- ha-ha, hurray, yahoo, wow, yippee etc. 14) __________ This pen writes really smooth! used to express surprise, reproof, etc. 6) ____________ The movie is extremely funny! (German) your health (said to someone who has just sneezed). Oh no! English Language itself contains words that are local or used in certain countries, these too, may sound strange to listen or to read. These include: Ha!, Hey!, What!, Oh!, Ah!, Eh!, Gosh, Wow, Whoa Etc. For ex- Eek! New to Target Study? 13) __________ Me and my friends are going on a tour! Interjections don't have that much value in Writing as much as in Speaking. Some Interjections are simply sounds like – Ah, Humph, Moo, Mmmm, Oink, Quack, Phew etc. Interjections are one of the eight parts of speech. Hello, hellos, helloes, helloed, helloing, announce the surprising achievement of something, as if by magic, Hillo, hillos, hilloes, hilloed, hilloing, Hilloa, hilloas, hilloas, hilloaed, hilloaing, approbation; noun and verb forms form other meanings, so lacking in interest as to cause mental weariness, Holla, hollas, hollas, hollaed, hollaing, Holloa, holloas, holloas, holloaed, holloaing, Hollo, hollos, holloes, holloed, holloing, Holloo, holloos, holloos, hollooed, hollooing, Hongi, hongis, hongis, hongiing, hongied, greeting, touching nose to nose in Maori language, Hoorah, hoorahs, hoorahs, hoorahed, hoorahing, Hooray, hoorays, hoorays, hoorayed, hooraying, Hosanna, hosannas, hosannas, hosannaed, hosannaing, perform intricate manoeuvres while skiing, someone who performs dangerous stunts to attract attention to himself, Howdie, howdies, howdied, howdy, howdying, Hullo, hullos, hulloes, hulloed, hulloing, Hulloa, hulloas, hulloas, hulloaed, hulloaing, Hulloo, hulloos, hulloos, hullooing, hullooed, indicating attention in South African language, expressing surprise, shock in Afrikaans language, i swear in Hinglish (mixture of Hindi and English), Marry, marries, married, marrying, marrieds, opposition, protest; verb/noun forms from other meaning, congratulations in Yiddish in German language, expressing annoyance, disbelief in Irish language, greeting, accompanied by a slight bow with the palms pressed together before the chest or face (India), (Afrikaans) expressing pleased surprise or shock, cry of sorrow and grief in Irish language, expressing pain; (noun) a socket in which a precious stone is set; (verb) to set a precious stone in a socket, the call of a public crier for attention before making a proclamation, contempt; (noun) a New Zealand hill fort. These interjection are used by the speaker when he expresses a strong sense of surprise on something that happened. Kanak, a Post Graduate in English literature is a Content Writer by profession and has good taste for writing. Interjection for Greeting : Interjection for Joy : Interjection for Approval : Interjection for Surprise : Correct Answer: Interjection for Greeting Explanation: : কারণ “Hey” দিয়ে এখানে you-কে সম্বোধন করে তার প্রতি হৃদয়ের সৌহার্দ্য বোঝানো হয়েছে। Interjections are often found or used at the beginning of a sentence but technically they can be anywhere in the sentence, including the middle and the end. 13) ________ The school is taking us to the zoo on this Sunday! A Comma is used for a mild emotion; whereas, an exclamation mark is used for abrupt display of surprise, emotion or deep feeling. All this helps her to write in more informative way. further! An interjection is generally followed by an Exclamation Mark (!) Change a few things up and try submitting again. Example – Books are good for knowledge. As such can be in the form of One Word. 14) Hurray! This is contrary to the novelists or writers who most often use multiple exclamation points, to put more energy in their sentences. This list does not … Definition of Interjections for Surprise: Interjections for surprise express an intense sense of surprise on the happening of something. exclamation of surprise, joy, dejection, uneasiness, weariness, etc. The chief guest accepted our invitation! Our favorite circus is back in town! an audience, yes, I agree, in South African language, Yoick, yoicks, yoicked, yoickses, yoicking, yoicksed yoicksing, a hunting cry to urge the hounds after the fox, Used to call someone at a distance or to gain someone's attention, expressing relish; (adj.) God. 7) As the soldiers landed they were greeted with a loud ___________ by the crowd present. All trade marks belong to the respective owners. I spilled the juice! Whilst sticking to grammatical rules for writing, only one exclamation point is necessary to convey the emotion. MCQs- 1)b, 2)c, 3)c, 4)b, 5)a, 6)c, 7)b, 8)a, 9)c, 10)b, 11)a, 12)c, 13)a, 14)a, 15)b, True Or False- 1)false, 2)true, 3)false, 4)true, 5)false, 6)true, 7)false, 8)true, 9)false, 10)true, 11)false, 12)true, 13)false, 14)true, 15)false. Complete the below sentences with appropriate Interjections of Joy and verify your answer with that provided in the end of exercises. 14) As soon as the ship came into view, the people started shouting ________. 0 + 0. Speaking of Writing, Interjections should be avoided in Business Letter Writing as they are not required. The apple is rotten. Being standalone, interjections have no connection with the rest of the sentence. Kanak Mishra. Most of the times an interjection with an Exclamation Mark is followed by a sentence with an Exclamation Mark. interjection. Alleluia, alleluias, alleluiah, alleluiahs, bless you; (noun) a grace at table, a blessing, Blast, blasts, blasts, blasted, blasting, a short high tone produced as a signal or warning, Boing, boings, boings, boinged, boinging, Boink, boinks, boinks, boinked, boinking, expressing irritation; (noun) a minor nuisance, Bravo, bravos, bravoes, bravoed, bravoing, Bugger, buggers, buggers, buggered, buggering, annoyance; noun and verb forms from other meanings, an exclamation on bumping into someone or something, or to a child on falling, (Hinglish) expressing approval or agreement, Friendly remark said before starting to drink (mostly alcoholic beverage), exclamation expressing gratitude, Choof, choofs, choofs, choofed, choofing, Cooee, cooees, cooees, cooeed, cooeeing, Cooey, cooeys, cooeys, cooeyed, cooeying, look at, see [Romany dik, to look, see], annoyance; (verb) to bring a game of tennis to a tie, an ironic response to a question, Exclamation on doing something foolish, hello, good morning in South African language, surprise, dismay in South African language, An extra or repeated performance; usually given in response to audience demand, higher!

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