Bwah-hah-hah reminds of a villain’s mocking laugh. Definition of Interjections states "A sudden, short utterance" or "The part of speech that usually expresses emotion and is capable of standing alone". Boo-hoo implies fake crying, meaning someone is being over-sensitive. An interjection is one of the parts of speech, which is a word that is used to express internal or sudden feelings like joy, sorrow, emotions, excitements in any sentence. Hurrah, Huzza etc… • In case of Grief, the following words are used. Tchah a rather strong interjection, similar to ‘hell’ or ‘damn’. • In case of Joy the following words are used. Interjection words are generally used at the beginning of a sentence. As such can be in the form of One Word. There is no need for any grammatical adjustment with any other word for the interjections in a sentence. Definition of Interjection: An interjection expresses some sudden feeling of one’s mind, it is not properly a part of speech, since it does not enter into the construction of the sentence. Alas, Oh my god etc… • In case of Surprise, the following words are used. Interjection is one of the parts of speech used to express a particular emotion or sentiment (strong feeling or sudden emotion like surprise, joy, excitement, disgust, enthusiasm, sorrow, approval, calling, attention, etc) of the speaker to the reader. India won the match. your own Pins on Pinterest Duh is a reply to someone saying something foolish. Interjection Phrases: Some phrases are used interjectionally, for … Interjection for Greeting : Interjection for Joy : Interjection for Approval : Interjection for Surprise : Correct Answer: Interjection for Greeting Explanation: : কারণ “Hey” দিয়ে এখানে you-কে সম্বোধন করে তার প্রতি হৃদয়ের সৌহার্দ্য বোঝানো হয়েছে। Hmph is used when you want a conversation to end. The words of Interjection may be used to express joy, grief, surprise or approval. ach. A lot of people may say ‘Oh God’ , but it offends some people. Mockery. Interjection do not specifically cite any one specific emotion or sentiment; they can be used to used to express disgust, enthusiasm, excitement, joy, surprise and several others. More synonyms +-aargh interjection. used, often in a way that is intended as a joke, for showing that you are very annoyed or shocked by something. used in expressions such as ‘Oh God!’, ‘Oh dear!’, and ‘Oh no!’ for showing an emotion such as surprise, fear, or disappointment. interjection. interjection indicating approval, appreciation or agreement: 嗯 [en5] (a modal particle showing affirmation, approval, or consent) 啊 [a5] (final particle expressing approval or doubt), (interjection equivalent to punctuating sentence with "you see") 阿 [a5] (final particle similar to … The interjection of Approval: The interjection of surprise: The interjection of sorrow: What is an Interjection? Discover (and save!) May 27, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by MS Nusaiba. Lah-de-dah derides someone who is being pretentious. For example, Hurrah!

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