Well, this pillow works great! Yes, I love my pillow! It is soft, yet supports my neck. The I Love My Pillow Memory Down Pillow is a US-made molded memory foam pillow which has the supporting factor that memory foam is known for, as well as the comfort and softness of down feather pillows. In this review, I’ll be exploring the most recent addition to the I Love My Pillow line — the Out Cold. It's still in great shape and hasn't lost its shape or support. Take 25% off your Entire Purchase. What is the I Love My Pillow Memory Down Pillow? I have four Love My Pillows, I've owned one for 10 years. 3 Year Warranty. I browsed the descriptions and reviews and picked out a pillow to try. Things get interesting when you flip the pillow, though, as each side features a different construction. Well worth the cost. I have been trying different pillows for a couple years due to neck pain. My Pillow is one of the most successful mail-order products in history. Read my I Love My Pillow Memory Down Pillow review to see if it’s the right option for you. 95% of the time I sleep on my … Compare Softness: I Love My Pillow vs My Pillow. This pillow is for side sleepers! As corny as that is, it's true. Foam Made In USA. I Love My Pillow – It has brush-velour zippered fleece cover that makes it super soft.. My Pillow – The cover is soft and stays cool to ensure sound and comfortable sleep.. Designed to keep you cool and comfortable, this pillow is built for every style of slumber. Sleep Sound For 100 Nights Guaranteed With A Pillow From I Love My Pillow ®. Styles: Contour Pillow 2-Pack, Signature Contour Pillow, Classic Traditional, Get Memory Pillow, Memory Down Pillow, Travel Pillow. Mar 22, 2016 - The founder of I Love My Pillow was working in a foam factory when he concocted the company’s “secret recipe” for the proprietary foam used today. It also happens to be wildly popular on Amazon, Walmart, the company's e-commerce store, and many other retailers.In today's review we pick apart My Pillow to see if it's worth the price and lives up to the hype. Easy Exchanges.

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