I was also considering covering the sand with straw. Yes, please share! Small grain grit or access to … As they follow their mother closely, they’ll start by loading up on protein-rich foods. three weeks you will definitely not want them inside your home. Your homepage looks really good and it was the most specific information about food for ducks that I could find. Keep in mind that greens alone should not compose the majority of the diet. Organic old fashioned oats. Since this duckling doesn’t have a real mother to help it oil its feathers and keep it safe, you’ll need to supervise the baths, so don’t put swimming water in the brooder. 5. Some say the extra calcium will be deadly. It’s not an antibiotic; it’s just a thiamine blocker. I would like to bring them into another enclosure that is fenced/wired around that is on the ground and contains grass and much more room. The rule of thumb for ducklings, and most other baby animals, is to give them free choice access to their feed for the first days/week. I think the biggest consideration when mixing your own feed is the protein content, and unfortunately a lot of grains aren’t very high in protein. Read this article (it applies to ducklings as well as chicks, even though ducklings are much messier than chicks): https://www.raising-happy-chickens.com/bedding-in-the-brooder.html. Love her to bits. McGeary organics has a good product. She tends to stay out of sight and mind he, Leo is such a happy puppy. Natural feeding is a subject I care about a lot and would like to learn about more myself. When the socks return to room temperature, we microwave them again. Personally, I’ve never had problems with feeding ducklings layer mash. Yes, if they’re eating greens, they need grit all the time. I just got ducks also and would love to hear about some homemade feed options. Any suggestions? Excellent article, thank you so much! 9. The rule of thumb for ducklings, and most other baby animals, is to give them free choice access to their feed for the first days/week. I have seen some people saying they’re nutritious and excellent for ducks, and other people saying they’re poisonous. There are still plenty of options to improve your birds’ diet even if they’re primarily eating commercial feed! (How To Stop Your Duck From Hiding Her Eggs), Can ducks lay 2+ eggs in one day? We make sure he always has a warm place in his enclosure for snoozing. They need 90-92 degrees for the first three days, 85-90 degrees until they’re a week old, and then you decrease the temperature by 5 degrees each week. Failing to do this may result in niacin deficiencies. But please research beyond this! Baby ducks don’t stay young for long, and will quickly outgrow this baby diet and start eating a diet that more closely matches an adult duck. They can probably handle lower for the night if they’re in an draft-free enclosure and since there’s so many that they can snuggle up against each other can conserve heat, but if it’s much below 75 for the day, it might still be a little too early to move them outside. He is quite the little hunter. (They don’t need a bath during their first few days anyway.) Sorry I can’t be more helpful, but I hope you find a good solution! . These are my questions. LOL. Are they outside foraging every day? • Oyster shell is not a good source of grit for ducklings because it is so high in calcium. The coccidiostat in chick feed, usually amprolium, is used to prevent coccidiosis. If you want to and are able to keep the duckling forever, that’s great! Since ducks don’t have teeth, they use grit, in the form of small rocks and sand, to chew up their food. The idea that medicated feed for chicks is bad for ducklings because they eat more than chicks and thus overdose themselves has become widely spread and is preached by many. (The rule of thumb is 90-92 degrees for the first few days, 85-90 for days 4-7, and then you can drop by 5 degrees each week.) Ducklings are certainly messy, but also oh so much fun! Too much of them can cause your ducklings to have protein deficiencies or other problems. Sorry for all the questions! … Paper towels may work at first, but become too messy before long. There are two main types of feed made for chicks or ducklings: starter and grower. 7. Add grit if they are eating anything other than commercial feed and cannot find grit themselves. It was clear that they needed more protein.

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