I have a recipe here at Lord Byron’s Kitchen for Old Fashioned Soft Boiled Eggs. Show me your version! It's like having your eggs sunny-side up but still a bit cooked on the top. He LOVED every bite and made sure to remind me to save this recipe! Fill with guacamole. Peel your red onion and finely chop up about 1/4 of it, until you have 1/4 cup. A perfectly delicious meal … Melt butter in a skillet over medium-low heat. Add your salt and pepper. I have never heard of this method for cooking eggs. I’m getting hungry all over again! You crack the egg onto the prepared skillet and cover it with a lid. Taste before adding any salt to your egg, since the guacamole has salt. Its custardy texture will have you swooning. Remove from heat. You can also subscribe without commenting. This recipe was so much better than some of the plain Janes I have tried and my husband loved the Guacamole on toast---- which surprised me after he tried a recipe for Avacado toast I didn't think he would try this. Here’s the thing though – on a normal day, I don’t have time to get up and char corn, dice tomatoes, mash avocados, and boil eggs. Thanks, Cheryl! @lordbyronskitchen | #lordbyronskitchen, All access to Lord Byron’s Kitchen! I'm Byron and I'm a lover of food, cats, crochet, cross stitch and Christmas - basically anything that is pretty and delicious. Click HERE! Crack eggs into the skillet side by side and cook until … Mash the avocados with the back of a fork or a potato masher. If only making one egg, use one teaspoon of butter in an 8-inch skillet. Also, Mom’s Asparagus Frittata is one of the best things in life! It's so easy too. If you’re like me, you can use the soft boiled method. If you loved this recipe, here are some others that might interest you as well: In a hurry? A basted egg, however, requires no flipping or stirring. (If only making one egg, an 8-inch skillet is fine.) Mom’s method of basting an egg gives perfect results every time. Transfer to a bowl and set aside. I recommend toasting a sliced baguette or Italian bread. Change it up. It’s a cross between fried and poached. I like hard boiled eggs better. She makes it look so good every time! It’s more chunky and has hardly any cilantro flavour. It’s the little bit of smokiness that it adds. Add the corn, tomato, and parsley. Then, I lightly brushed it with oil and placed it on my grill until nicely browned. Avocado toast is everywhere these days. In a pinch, I’ll eat them, but I much prefer the creaminess of a runny yolk rather than the dryness of a hard yolk. A poached egg is made by sliding a cracked egg into a simmering, water-filled pan and swirling it to keep the egg white neatly wrapped around the yolk. I’ve tried quite a few, but I do have two favourites that I will share with you. All of the warm yolk oozing down over the guacamole and the grilled bread? Join me on my blogging journey as I share my favourite recipes and stories of my domesticated life along the way. Or buy guacamole from the store – I used Wholly Guacamole … Notice that I did not include any lime in this particular recipe. I believe that cilantro tastes like soap, and I don’t like the taste of soap in my guacamole! I have learnt an unusual technique for cooking eggs. It's a cross between poached and over easy that gives you a basted Egg. Hi Lisa - It's so good, it's hard to enjoy plain toast anymore, Lol. Thanks for sharing your mama's recipe...this looks divine! I would peel them, leave them whole, and nestle them into the guacamole. Remove and discard (or save in your fridge) the yolks of the eggs. Basted Eggs with Guacamole on Toast is a fabulous breakfast! Refrigerate and eat as needed. Ohhh guacamole and eggs! Definitely must make. Originally published on January 11, 2016 and updated now with new photos and text.). The diced tomatoes adds lots of freshness and a burst of flavour. I never really thought much of it to be honest. Hello and welcome to Lord Byron's Kitchen! Also, I loved the contrast of the creamy guacamole with the tough, chewy crusts of the baguette. Usually, when I hard boil eggs, the yolk tends to get a bit gray on the outside. (Or spread guacamole on both slices.) John.e swears that a little splash of white vinegar in the water is what keeps the yolks vibrant. Mom’s method provides better taste and texture. Yum I love everything about this! Cut a lime in half and squeeze the juice into the bowl. Like most recipes, you can take some liberties with this one too. Follow me on social media: FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM |PINTEREST, Your email address will not be published. Lower the heat to medium and place a lid, ideally a glass one, over the eggs. Peel the eggs and place in a food-safe container. Make your eggs up to two at a time in a large skillet. Garnish with more parsley and black sesame seeds. Make your guacamole in a small mixing bowl. Scoop out the avocado flesh into your mixing bowl. My guacamole toast features mashed avocado that’s been kicked up a few notches with red onions, lime juice and hot sauce. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email - plus, grab your free eBook! Now, although McKenna would usually top hers with a fried egg, I decided to go with a hard boiled egg instead. Required fields are marked *. Will be perfect breakfast for my family. Transfer the chopped … I've never tried cooking my eggs this way! Once boiling, turn off the heat and leave the pot to sit on the burner to cool for one hour. You can also head to my Breakfast page to find more delicious recipes. Make it delicious! Thank you! My go-to brand is Wholly Guacamole. This is such a great recipe to use up avocados. That was until we were all at home these past few months and I would watch McKenna smashing fresh avocado on toast every morning. To make your toast, cut your baguette into 4.5-inch pieces, one per person. Your email address will not be published. Add enough cold water to the pot so that there is one inch of water over the top of the eggs. I sliced the baguette on a big diagonal so that I could get more surface space. I hope you'll visit often! If you love eggs, you have to try my Breakfast Casserole that can be made for breakfast, dinner or meal prep. He places the eggs in a pot in a single layer. It's super healthy and nutritious too. Avocado toast involves plain avocado. Please note that I do not include cilantro, but you can certainly add some if you prefer. Tag me on Instagram or Facebook! Drop … Hi Pam - Once you try basted eggs, you'll wonder where they've been all your life! Top each slice with the eggs. Add pepper to the eggs. Step 2: Make or buy guacamole – follow this recipe if you want to make it. While egg is cooking, toast your bread. All the years I struggled to make over-easy eggs without breaking them...I should have been basting my eggs. You have to try Lemon Ricotta Pancakes with Italian Strawberries! Guacamole Breakfast Toast makes for a full and hearty breakfast. I have to tell you, I can’t stand runny whites. Thank you for your recipe! Thanks to your mom, and thanks to you for a great sounding recipe.

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