Quick launch summary Earlier this year, we launched the new Gmail on mobile to help you get things done quickly, such as viewing attachments or searching for a specific email. On September 24, 2019, Google announced a new dark mode for its Gmail app, but rollout of the feature has been glacially slow. Hi community, quick question. Also in Safari, only the user interface will show up in dark mode. Even Outlook offers a dark mode now so it’s a good job Gmail does too. Even after the company added a dark theme to many of its apps for Android and iOS, such as Calendar, Chrome, Keep, and Photos, Gmail seemed to remain "light" for the longest time. It is as effective as the extensions above and is built into Gmail so you don’t need to use those above just for email. If you don't see any theme settings, and the app still doesn't respond to the new Dark Mode, the app simply doesn't support it at this time. Step1: Open Gmail App on your iPhone or iPad. 2. For iOS 13: On your iPhone or iPad, open the Gmail app I am trying to enable dark mode on my gmail app. At present, Gmail is offering dark mode for its iOS App users also. Enable Gmail dark mode. As yet, Gmail for iOS doesn't support dark mode. Dark mode in iOS 13 is not universal. We’re further enhancing the Gmail experience on Android and iOS devices by introducing dark theme support. 4 minutes ago. If you are using an iOS 13 device, then follow the below steps to enable dark mode on your Gmail iOS app. Google Calendar. How To Enable Gmail Dark Mode on iOS Devices. Turn on the Gmail dark mode setting for iPhone. Although all my other IOS/IPADOS 13.3 Apps seem to respect the "System Preferences" > "Display & Brightness" > "Appearance" > "Dark", I noticed gMail didn't for some reason.. Google offered this guidance for configuring Dark Mode:. Don't worry, though, there's always a workaround: Step 4: Try Smart Invert. However, if you’re a user of the Gmail app on iOS 13, you probably didn’t get the dark mode that same day. Google's strategy for updating its apps with dark mode options is apparently "one at a time" and "as slow as possible." Next, here's how to turn dark mode on in Gmail in iOS 13. Fast forward to December, and the option still isn't showing up … Chrome may not have a built-in dark mode but Gmail does. Given Dark Mode can really enhance battery life, I'm keen to implement it. It mostly applies to native iOS apps, so don’t expect to see everything render in dark mode. Now let’s see how to enable dark mode on your Gmail iOS App. Update: Dark theme is now fully rolled out in Gmail on mobile devices. On Android, open the option menu from the top-right corner of any chat, tap Settings, scroll down to Dark Mode, and tap enable. Twitter (left), Apollo (right). However, the app now supports dark mode on both mobile OSs. If the above three tricks don't do it, your app likely isn't compatible with Dark Mode.

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