Even though Shashi Tharoor is not a native English speaker, his English is so fluent that he sounds like one. Apart from the content of the speech, his way of speaking is also impressive and is similar to formal British English. Phrases for Giving Gifts. She also uses scientific studies to back up (support) her main points. And she knows how to convince you of the same. My father gifted me his estate before he passed. And it is not just for advanced learners—there are thousands of videos from beginner to advanced, including everything from inspiring speeches to movie clips to news reports. The intonation, tone, pitch and rhythm is similar to the formal English used today. The word “authoritarian” means a person or a government that believes in controlling others and does not believe in freedom. He also uses a kind of American English that is easy to understand. But he has to do so without directly blaming the murderers. And this civil war was a test of whether a nation based on these values can last for long or not. Chunking is the technique of grouping words (called chunks) in a sentence with a slight pause between every chunk. We also participate in other affiliate advertising programs for products and services we believe in. The speaker is a child who is able to speak fluently but with simple words. Here's a little gift/present for you. In this video, he is giving a speech as a part of a debate at Oxford University. So rather than memorizing the vocabulary, learners should focus on how Damian Lewis delivers the speech instead. Antony was a close friend of Caesar’s and here he tries to remind the people of Rome that Caesar was actually a good man. If you want to learn the art of making basic arguments while speaking, you should watch this speech. I'd like to present you with this...(very formal, used when giving an award or special present), In the name of [xyz], I'd like to give you this present. Download: This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you In this post we will share 15 amazing speeches in English that you can use to become a more confident, powerful speaker yourself. Friend 2: I love it! In this speech Charlie Chaplin copies Adolf Hitler, but his message is exactly the opposite of Hitler’s ideas. Listeners should also notice how he uses gestures to make his point. FluentU also has built-in flashcards and fun quizzes for every video to make sure you remember what you learned. Obama’s accent is a mixture of standard American English and the way of speaking commonly popular in African American communities. It's only something small, but I hope you like it. Look what I have for you! Feminism is a movement that asks for equal rights and opportunities for women. His speech is mainly about the values that he and Americans stand for. It is also a good example of the standard American English accent. Colleague 1: Thank you, Tom, for all you've done for this company. Because the speaker is a child, the speech does not have complex words or sentence structures. In this speech she is trying to both inform and convince the audience of why men should support feminism. And even though the message does not sound positive, Stallone’s way of speaking still makes it inspiring. The speaker presents the main argument and the facts simply and clearly. He mentions that the U.S. was created on the values of liberty and equality. When she breaks down the word “commencement” into “common” and “cement” she is making a pun. Be aware that in some parts of the speech he also uses swear words (rude/offensive words) to create an emotional impact on the audience. Do you think people should be kind to one another? I love it! He has to convince the people that his murderers like Brutus are actually criminals. Speak of the memories you had with the one you are delivering the speech for. A pun is the use of different meanings of the same word or similar sounding words in a funny way. This speech is perfect for listening and speaking practice because it is so short but also full of useful information. It also helps with intonation and the rhythm of speaking. The person giving this speech is thanking an organization for giving him an award. In this speech, J.K. Rowling talks about her own life and how she overcame all her difficulties. He is also good at conveying emotions through pauses and expressions. Plus, Tharoor has deep knowledge about both the national history of the U.K. and the colonial history of India.

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