at headlands are longer with raised implements not Structure is the arrangement of soil particles and soil aggregates into recognizable particles or lumps. Available Water Capacity (AWC) is the portion of water in a soil that can be readily absorbed by plant roots of most crops. Recording acres and hours for several fields over the whole season can be used to find an average field capacity in differing terrain and weather conditions. Policies | State & National Extension Partners | Text Only |, "pdf" file that you can access by clicking here, Self-Propelled Harvesting and Spraying: Machinery Ownership Versus Custom Hire, Replacement Strategies for Farm Machinery. For example, if you traveled between the stakes in 12 seconds, your average field speed was 5 mph. N.B. Example 3: In an area of 100 ha, the water table dropped by 4.5 m. If the porosity is 30% and the specific retention is 10% determine- (i) the specific yield of the aquifer, (ii) change in ground water storage. AgDM A3-25 Fieldwork Days in Iowa. The FE can be taken from the table in this publication or estimated using equation (3) if you have a representative value of EFC. Harvest travel speed is often adjusted to keep a consistent mass flow of crop suitable for the harvester. effective field capacity (EFC) for typical farm machinery in Kentucky. Field efficiency is expressed as the percentage of a machine's TFC actually achieved under real conditions. estimate field capacity. With wider equipment, turns Delay activities that occur outside the field, such as daily service, travel to and from the field, and major repairs are not included in field efficiency measurement. After you have calculated the machine's average field speed, TFC can be calculated from equation (1) using the full width of the machine. Measurements or estimates of machine capacities are used to schedule field operations, power units, labor, and to estimate machine operating costs. AgDM A3-34 Joint Machinery Ownership Sandy soil has the least, clayey the maximum and loamy has the inter­mediate relative values of field capacity. Soil structure . All rights reserved. 37b). Not all implements are shown, particularly the wide range of combination tillage tools (strip till, vertical till, disc-subsoiler/ripper, rotary harrows, etc.). Soil texture . Effective field capacities for many implements are estimated in Table 1. Use this decision tool to estimate the acreage capacity of a new machine. AgDM A3-29 Estimating Farm Machinery Costs The field capacity is the amount of water remaining in the soil a few days after having been wetted and after free drainage has ceased. Mark Hanna, extension agricultural engineer, In normal situations these numbers would be sufficient, but on-farm data should be collected and used in the effective field capacity formula. -- Although wider equipment operated at the same The field capacity of a farm machine is the rate at which it performs its primary function, i.e., the number of acres that can be disked per hour or the number of tons of hay that can be baled per hour. of wider equipment. extension agricultural engineer -- The field capacity or water holding rapacity generally depends on the nature of the soil particles, porosity, temperature and the presence of hydrophilic colloidal materials in the soil. If a tillage machine operates at 100% efficiency, it is operating at 100% capacity. (bu or tons/A). Average field conditions are assumed. 3 TABLE 1 Time-Speed Relations Time to Trove I 88 feet, Seconds 2.5 3.0 3.5 4.0 4.5 5.0 5.5 6.0 6.5 7.0 8.0 9.0 10.0 11 .0 12.0 13.0 Updated June, 2016. Refers to the relative percentage of sand, silt and clay sized particles in the soil material. Average field speed can be easily measured by marking off a distance of 88 feet in the field, placing a stake at each end, and counting the seconds it takes to drive between the stakes. or too much wheel slippage. in the field document slightly lower field efficiency Field capacity is the amount of water a soil can retain against the pull pf gravity. AgDM A3-28 Farm Machinery Selection 2.3.3 Field capacity. For example, a baler with an EFC of 5 A/hr working in a field yielding 3 tons of hay per acre would have an MC of 5 A/hr x 3 tons/A, or 15 tons/hr. Conversely, if you need to estimate a machine's EFC and have an estimate of FE, use equation (4). in use and headland areas are often larger. These tests are best done before the growing season as one of the assumptions of this estimate is that water is only being removed from the soil profile through drainage due to gravity. [email protected], File A3-24 The working capacity of harvesting machines is often measured by the quantity of material harvested per hour. 1The factor 8.25 is derived by dividing the number of square feet in an acre, 43,560, by the number of feet in a mile, 5,280. Table 1 is presented in the accompanying "pdf" file that you can access by clicking here or on the icon above. soil water contents greater than field capacity. Solution: Porosity = … Field Capacity : The maximum quantity of water which a soil can retain against the force of gravity is known as field capacity. Field capacity in the field is measured in dormant season, 2-3 days after a saturating rain. This usually takes place 2–3 days after rain or irrigation in pervious soils of uniform structure and texture. AgDM A3-30 Replacement Strategies for Farm Machinery It can be calculated from equation (1). 515-294-0468 number of acres covered per hour if travel speed is The field capacity of a farm machine is the rate at which it performs its primary function, i.e., the number of acres that can be disked per hour or the number of tons of hay that can be baled per hour. If your implement differs markedly in size, speed, or field efficiency from those listed, effective field capacity should be calculated by using the information and equations shown at the end of this publication. Theoretical field capacity is determined using the width of the machine and the speed of travel.

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