A Master of Engineering Management (MEM) degree from Dartmouth gives you the skills that fast-growing technology companies want. Solid programs in these areas allow students to engage in … MEM is focused on that technology or engineering … MEM vs. MBA. Both an MBA and MS in Engineering Management can prepare you for the next phase of your career and that big promotion. This makes an MEM an excellent alternative to the traditional MBA. MS in Engineering Management vs MBA Master of Science in Engineering Management. Hence, we thought of writing this post for those engineers who want to do their higher studies in Management field but confused about pursuing either MBA or Master of Engineering Management… While MEM and MBA programs have some overlap in … A lot of times, I think MBA students are looking for a change, or they specifically want a career in consulting, marketing, finance or investment banking. Master of Science in Engineering Management programs cater to those interested in technical organization management … We're going to broaden their engineering experience with our management curriculum and strengthen that core. An MEM offers advanced knowledge in engineering statistics, quality systems, six sigma, database and information systems engineering, project management, engineering communications and leadership and law with numerous electives that focus on engineering management.

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