You’re welcome They are such a popular shoe for our readers that I had to check them out for myself! Thanks Guys for all your inputs. I wear a US 10 or 10.5.. sometimes 10 is a little too small in some brands.. (In hand Pics Pg. If your feet swell or are wide the insole is removable and meant to accommodate.”, More praise comes for how well these do in overseas destinations. Also, since we play in the monsoon conditions in India which is very wet, would the Crossfire Saddles be good shoes with adequate water proofing or am I better of getting a pair of Dry Joys PODS as ashown below? I am looking forward to getting the new boots, but, hope that I don't need to send them back for a different size. Pair these shoes with black. Go by your street shoe size (normal dress shoe) and then find the Ecco sizing - if he is 11, I'd guess 45, depending on the model of the Ecco shoe - you can also make a slightly loose shoe fit better with an aftermarket insole. The graphics were clear and the zoom worked well. I've got some small feet. Just checked the closet, and my GTX Classic Saddles are size 45, while my Dryjoy Pro's are size 11(W). Worse comes to worse, I will need to trade the shoes back for a bigger size if these turn out too small, but I hope that is not the case since shipping them back to the US will be a pain. Titleist Vokey 54.14, 58.08 So, off to BST they go, while the 44's are ordered.   Your previous content has been restored. He wants to try a pair of Ecco GTX Classic Saddles. They were the size 40 which should be around a 6-6.5. Thanks for reading! The. BB DBD 9 RogueBBA 16 RogueXHP 18* Fubuki 415MP-64/MP-4 4-PW Px 5.5Bettinardi SS DASS 8SM5 50, 54, 58 Px 5.5B330S GHIN 6.0. My feet last hours longer than they would normally. I also have a pair of Dansko sandals that I love, but they’re a bit bulky and heavier. is a well-styled sandal with rich, leather straps that are soft and breathable. I also bought some Teva Originals (with the thing between the toes). BTW Amazon’s price was the best I found at $64.99. I took the first pair to NYC for days upon days of walking (NOT broken-in) and they were amazing! I typically wear a 9.5, which falls into the EU size 43 per the ECCO sizing chart. I really enjoy how both the cut of the shoe and the cushioning around my ankle secure my heel in complete comfort. But if you're a US 10, and Pops is a US 12.5 ... my advice based upon my experience would be 44 for you and 46 for him. Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 8 deg × Ecco Soft 5 3-Strap Sandal . I tried on the Damaras while in the US on vacation in july. Adidas run very small, particularly in the toe box. Titleist 735.CM 4-PW, S300 These are our readers’ recommendations for the best shoes for travel! Ecco recomends a European Size of 46 for US 12 - 12 1/2 but from my limited research, I can see that Ecco's tend to run half a size bigger. I just got the Ecco Soft 7 Zip on Amazon and they are amazing! Perfect travel shoe.”, “Great support, I wore these in France. Find out how to choose the best walking shoes for Europe! And usually use an orthotic… No need for an orthotic with them!”, Someone else says, “they are great and fit so well,” while another reviewer describes these slip-ons as “comfy, good for narrow feet, and having awesome arch support.”, These fashionable sneakers are no hassle with their quick-zip style. Finally, another TFG reader says, “These sandals ended up being the only shoes I wore for two weeks in France. The Ecco Damara Ankle Sandal is two-toned and both cute and comfortable. Comfort is always an important consideration when choosing travel shoes, and their additional cushion makes them great Ecco walking sandals. is incredibly light, making it ideal for travelers who love to travel carry-on only. To help simplify the packing process, we’ve created this. I recently purchased the Damara in black. Always appreciate getting different opinions on different products! You can also find them at a number of online retailers, including Amazon. And usually use an orthotic… No need for an orthotic with them!” Someone else says, “they are great and fit so well,” while another reviewer describes these slip-ons as “comfy, good for narrow feet, and having awesome arch support.”, Another reader says, “I found them super comfortable, even on cobblestones. They have a removable insole too so you can switch them out for something with more arch support. Ecco has strengths in a few different areas of golf shoe manufacturing. If it needs to be returned ans switched, I will have to make the painful effort later on. pants and a dressy blouse and you’ll have the perfect outfit for a trip to Europe. In addition, the Ecco huarache sandals have a really soft footbed, allowing your foot to sink in while still providing support. In athletic shoes, if it is a N or runs narrow, I usually get a 10. Follow us! Experts are giving you the inside scoop on their top picks for the most comfortable shoes. Custom Eliott carry bag, waxed canvas and leather, i normally wear a 9 and take a 41 in the ecco's which is a 7-7.5 according to them. The 43 was a little snug in the area of the foot just after the ball but fit better than any of my current shoes. These highly breathable runners come in four different colors (including the “night shade” design we’ve featured) and are built for long-lasting comfort. He wants to try a pair of Ecco GTX Classic Saddles. Even if the price is a bit steeper in comparison but it will surely give off a good feel and satisfy you. If your style is simple and classic, a pair of Ecco Anna Ballerina Ballet Flat shoes could be your ideal night-out option. Ecco offers these in European Size 44 which translates to US 10-10 1/2. The ECCO Soft 7 Sneaker is a classic shoe option. Find out what our readers vote as the best slip on sneakers for long sightseeing days! Made from 100% leather, these flats come in nine different colors (including our choice, the “black calf”) and would match perfectly with a cute, versatile dress. And their adorable look doesn’t scream boring ol’ “comfort shoe.”, If you’re looking for a sleek, classic-looking sandal with great support and heel strap to make sure they stay firm on your feet, then look no further than the. has a very versatile and minimalist look that mimics many chic sandals currently available. Ecco Soft 5 3-Strap Sandal . Interested in taking the Flash Huarache Ecco shoes out for a spin? TFG readers think these Ecco travel shoes are adorable and one says, “My daughter has Ecco ballerina flats. I love Eccos!!! I am usually an 8 1/2 and size 39 worked for me. Share this post with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. TEE E8 Beta 16.5 deg See our top picks for travel fashion sneakers for women! did you get the shoes? It comes in three colors (including the “blue/black/powder” shoe we have featured). might be the ideal sneaker for your next destination. I’ve been wearing them almost exclusively for travelling since 2011. I've got a pair of the casual cool hydromax in 45, then purchased a pair of the GTX saddles and needed a 46. By I have been looking for new summer sandals and am glad I read your article. Ecco sandals (and other shoe styles) are available at a number of popular retailers, you can find the one closest to you using the store locator option on their website. exploring beautiful towns all over the world. So comfortable and my heel doesn’t slip out like the other styles of Ecco!”. No bells and whistles, just comfort and a traditional lace-up design. There are a ton of colors to choose from, regardless of your style. I think the main difference is that the casual cools have more room in the toe. So, if you’re looking for solid Ecco walking sandal and are planning on off-roading with an adventure hike, the Yucatan’s will hold up for you! Your email address will not be published. Hope they bring them to the states because I would pick one up I a heartbeat. is a classic shoe option. I just recently ordered a pair of Ecco Track IV boots in size 44. Fyi we started a new account on insta showcasing daily listings from the classifieds. My point is -- you may have a helluva time doing this without putting feet into actual shoe, and getting success. I am going to stick with 43 for me and 45 for him for now. They have slightly more padding than the Flash Huarache style, with a bit more support in the heel and the arch.

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