If the player is playing a Dimir character because the infiltration and espionage nature of the Guild are genuinely interesting to them, this probably won't even come up. ", Orzhov. Puts the target under your influence. Without any exposure to the guild's more covert activities, you helped to discredit those who believe that the Dimir are plotting to control the city, painting them as delusional conspiracy theorists. Suggested Races: Half-elf, human "Dangerous to recognize. The charmed creature regards you as a friendly acquaintance Flavor Text: "Dangerous to recognize. Edit: As a sidenote, I suppose there is a question of player motivation versus character motivation. you will have instant access to your previous versions. Guildmaster's Confidant We think you'll have a much more enjoyable experience. Deadly not to." Mana Cost: Converted Mana Cost: 2. Magic Rings, Featured and Quality. Deadly not to." Prerequisite: Renown 50 or higher in House Dimir Put one back and the rest into that player's graveyard. Saturday 11am-7pm By design, you don't have much interaction with other members of your guild. ", Boros. Put one back and the rest into that player's graveyard. House Dimir's progress toward its goals depends on a web woven from meticulously gathered intelligence. You should check them out. Watermark: Dimir. • Destroy target creature with power 2 or less. 60 Cards He has entrusted you with a wide network of Dimir agents under your command, but you also bear tremendous responsibility for the success of the missions they undertake. Your training focused on stealth, espionage, and infiltration.    By the time you reach this level of renown in House Dimir, you are amassing a significant collection of secrets about the people and places around you. Prerequisite: Renown 25 or higher in House Dimir ", Simic. The true danger is that they'll drag down all we've worked for while chasing some romantic crusade. As a Dimir spy, you might bring a variety of talents to your work. No formal ranks exist for you to progress through, but certain thresholds of renown indicate improvements in your standing within the guild. "Strength without guile is perhaps the most dangerous kind. They can be manipulated by playing on their fear of the people discovering their ruse. Friday 11am-10pm In addition to it's great, if narrow, disruption and utility, this charm's art is fantastic use of light, shadow and positioning to show the Dimir symbol. To stop someone from discerning the truth, drown them in plausible untruths. All guilds are monitored with suspicion, and they assessed for their current and prospective levels of threat, as well as for their usefulness to House Dimir's schemes. Eventually the guild disappeared into the shadows, and most Ravnicans came to doubt its existence. Azorius Charm Return to Ravnica (U) Instant $0.25 . Continue to direct their righteous fury toward our strongest enemy—until the Boros threaten to become the strongest. Members of House Dimir ultimately receive their orders from this source without having any idea of who issued the order or why. Feature: False Identity You have more than one identity. If it fails the saving throw, it is charmed by you until the spell ends or until you or your companions do anything harmful to it. One agent knows another only by a code name, or receives communications only at a particular meeting spot at a specific place and time. In the dark, slick corridors of the undercity lurks the unfathomable network of the Dimir guild. House Dimir is the blue/black guild from the plane and city of Ravnica. Of all the other guilds, the Izzet and the Gruul concern the Dimir the most; their erratic methods of decision-making, combined with their unflinching approach to danger, can quickly undermine any Dimir strategy designed to contain them. He floated effortlessly down from the upper reaches of the chamber, and alighted on the chamber floor near the two of them. You work in a pocket or sleeper cell, unaware of the identities of most other agents or the guild's leadership. Obsidian Portal has a lot of really cool features that use JavaScript. ", Izzet. Tuesday 11am-10pm JavaScript is currently disabled. One can't bluff the player who can't conceive of bluffing. ", Rakdos. Enemies and Allies —Lazav The Dimir Operative background is available for characters who are part of the Dimir guild. For instance, you could be tasked to steal the transcript of an Azorius interrogation, the memories of Golgari spy, or the contents of an Orzhov ledger. Inner Circle Prerequisite: Renown 25 or higher in House Dimir At this level of renown, you are responsible for coordinating the activities of several other Dimir agents. The idea of stealing thoughts instead of treasure has a special appeal to you. Collector of Secrets Wednesday 11am-7pm Types: Instant. House Dimir has a clandestine aspect hidden from all but its most important members. The Selesnya behave predictably on the whole, but the members of the conclave are so numerous that it can be hard for the Dimir to keep track of their activities. "They can't be allowed to monopolize the flow of knowledge. Dimir Operative Skill Proficiencies: Deception, Stealth Tool Proficiencies: Disguise kit Languages: One of your choice Equipment: A Dimir insignia, three small knives, a set of dark-colored common clothes, and the starting equipment of the background described in this chapter for your secondary guild. 1 Information 2 Guild Hierarchy 3 Guild Mechanics 4 Dimir Card Gallery 5 Gallery Enter and become a mastermind of spies, lies and deception. We've already been saving your edits, so if you Dimir Charm. "Dangerous to recognize. Potions help to offset the group's lack of healing ability. You love subterfuge, intrigue, and deception. House Dimir was founded by the ancient vampire Szadek. House Dimir is the guild from the plane and city of Ravnica. Powered by, translation missing: en.general.social.alt_text.share_on_facebook, translation missing: en.general.social.alt_text.share_on_twitter, translation missing: en.general.social.alt_text.share_on_pinterest. The first guildmaster of House Dimir was a vampire named Szadek, whose organization agreed to serve as Ravnica's couriers, information brokers, and librarians. You still receive orders from the usual source, but you're given broad goals and wide latitude in how to carry … The public face of Dimir remains inscrutable, which some interpret as the best evidence that the guild's true plans mean something dire for the Ravnican populace. An immortal entity, Szadek ruled the guild for ten thousand years until he was arrested and killed in the turmoil of the Decamillennial Celebration. The guild provides espionage, smuggling, burglary, counter-intelligence, assassination and other illegal services for the Ravnican populace, although its patrons are unaware that they are in fact employing the guild, instead thinking they are employing guildless mercenaries or another guild such as the Rakdos.

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