IELTS SPEAKING PART 2: DESCRIBE A WEBSITE. Search. I guess, I’m a fan of the site because everyone is on Facebook. Search This Blog Describe a useful website you have used, and liked, Latest IELTS speaking test questions, websoites, internet, entertainment, teaching methods, internat & children, Skip to main content IELTS Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Cambridge IELTS Books Blog Top 10. Your website description is a critical aspect of success. Fortunately though, Minh, my good friend and saviour, saved me from this dilemma by introducing me to an unbelievable website called basically, the website’s owners, who apparently are also real movie buffs, manage to get the hottest new shows from around the world and upload them on a daily basis for Vietnamese viewers for, if you can believe it, absolutely no charge whatsoever. You should say: what the website helps you to do what the contents of the website are (or, were) how often you go to this website and explain how(or, why) this website helps you. Write a description that will be relevant to searchers and understandable to search engines. Describe a useful website that you visit You should say: -What the website is -How you first found about this website -How often you visit it -Why you like it Once a friend of mine asked me whether I had ever been on the social networking website known as Describe a useful website that you often visit. 8 years ago, the first time when I used Taobao, I never thought it would really go viral today. Describe a useful website you often visit I use the internet almost every day from LEA LG S9 at Université Jean Moulin Lyon III Describe a useful website that you like to visit. (spoken English) When it comes to a useful website you used, Jack Ma's Taobao is the one I want to talk about today. Describe a useful website. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Describe a useful website that you visit Read More » In fact, I send messages to my siblings, who live abroad, on a weekly-basis via Facebook. Start studying Describe a useful website that you often visit.. It has changed the way of our lifestyles and even the cons However, back in the … Cue-Card 37. The description is displayed below the title of your site in search engine results and could be the deciding factor if a customer visits your site. You should say: • What the contents of this website are • How you first found this website • How often you visit this website And explain how this website … In this article you will review speaking part 2 tips, ... It’s also a useful tool for keeping in touch with relatives.

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