Thank you, Denise! I know I used 1 1/2 cups rice, but need to confirm the amount of water I used. I just finished making the stovetop rice recipe and it turned out perfect. I’m so glad it worked out for you! Great question, Barbara! If you want to be on the safe side, you can also pull it off the heat. Thank you again…. When you do the boiling and simmering part, do you do it with lid on or off? Eating out can be fun but it’s not always possible and can put a strain on your budget, so we’ve put together some of our favorites to help you bring... What better time to get in touch with Hispanic culture than Hispanic Heritage Month? Find a variety of bulk rice, beans, quinoa & grains. Mama Lin always cooked jasmine rice for dinner. Once this is done turn off the rice cooker. This is particularly an issue if your slow cooker pot is made of stoneware like mine. I never had any problem with cooking rice for over 30 years. I rinsed the living heck outta my rice, and then followed your stovetop recipe exactly. 3. Use the small measuring cup that comes with the Instant Pot to measure the rice. To my knowledge, jasmine rice is a type of long grain rice. liquid and cook longer. Stir once, cover, and reduce heat to low. I make rice all the time but it is so frustrating when sometimes it is great and sometimes it is so sticky! It’s that time of year again when the leaves start to change color and fall off the trees, chilly weather sets in and we can enjoy all kinds of specialty comfort food and drinks! Thanks for trying out the recipe, Shkodran! The trick to cooking perfect jasmine rice is using the correct ratio of water to rice and keeping an eye on the water level as it cooks. I was giving up on Jasmine rice as I could not make it properly. You should be able to make out the individual grains of rice once it’s cooked. Hi Lisa, I’m making a meal for a large group and will need a couple of crockpots of rice – but I don’t want to risk having super sticky/mushy rice because I tried to fill it too full! Is there a difference in using jasmine rice that says it’s long grain vs. those that aren’t? Thankfully I found your blog which greatly helped me to make stovetop rice. 1. How to Cook Jasmine Rice on the Stovetop Ingredients. Basmati and jasmine rice look almost identical, but they’re actually two very distinct types of rice. I like the ideas and twists you have in your other recipes. I followed your stovetop recipe to the T and this is the first time I have ever made perfect rice! The rice is now ready to serve. Premium price. Enjoy low warehouse prices on top brands. Jennifer, thank you so much for leaving a comment! IT’S PERFECT!!!! Thank you for this! If so, that’s a good guide to how much water you need. After setting the timer, turn the rice cooker on. I have a question. This is a long-grain variety of rice that has a nutty flavor and a soft, sticky texture when cooked. I’m so glad you gave this recipe a chance!! or measure the rice in the cups and the water in the clear Pyrex? Cooking rice always seems just a tad more complicated than it should be. Instructions. Required fields are marked *. I use Mahatma Jasmine rice, and on the back of the package it says to boil the water, and THEN add the rice and cover for 15 minutes. Cooking the rice with too much water breaks down the rice’s structure, leaving you with rice that has a mushy texture. In her house, dinner without rice simply doesn’t exist. In her house, dinner without rice simply doesn’t exist. How can I avoid this? Sorry if I don’t have a conclusive answer for this! Let me know if you try this formula. Great site and great recipes! From time to time, you will see affiliate links to If the pressure doesn’t naturally release in 15 minutes, then release the pressure manually. Jasmine rice is originally from Thailand and mostly used in Southeast Asia cooking. Please I would love to how to make perfect rice… I hope this helps! If not, manually release any residual pressure before opening the lid. Step 1: Pour 2½ cups of water in a pot and place it on the stove on high heat.Wait for the water to come to a boil. Then, I transfer the rice to a small burner and steam it on very low with the lid on. Thanks! Combine rice, liquid, and butter or oil in a pot, and bring to a boil. Thank you!!!! Kirkland Signature Jasmine Rice is cultivated by generations of small family farmers in Northeast Thailand where the climate, soil conditions and seasonal rains produce the highest quality jasmine rice. The amount that I receive is at no additional cost to you. 4. Jasmine rice was a big staple of my diet growing up. Repeat this process 1 to 2 more times, until the water runs clearer. I know that of I would have followed the recipie to the T my rice would have been perfect. Not sure what mixing and matching is exactly? It turned out perfect! Hi, Jessica! No matter how carefully I cook it there is a tiny hard central nub that stays there. Thank you thank you very much. 5. I am Hispanic so we appreciate a little burn at the bottom of the pot but sometimes it scorches!!! How to Cook Jasmine Rice: Stovetop, Instant Pot & Slow Cooker, How to Make Paneer (Easy Step-By-Step Guide). Looking forward to using this rice in other recipes. Let it cook for another 20 minutes or so before serving. Rinse the rice in water and drain. Sandra, thank you so much for trusting this recipe!! Our rice cooker broke literally the first day we found out we’d be stuck at home indefinitely and I’ve never been without one until now. I have the clear Pyrex liquid measuring cups and just regular cups… Was wondering if I should measure both the rice and the water in the clear pyrex, or measure both in the regular cups…. Have no fear, because we’ve put together a few tips to help you stay cool when the... © 2019 Riviana Foods Inc. I’ve always struggled with jasmine rice on a stove… This recipe helped me get it perfectly. Once the water is boiling, I’ve read about people putting a dry/clean kitchen towel between the pot and the lid to rest/simmer on low heat. I am looking forward to trying your recipe! Because jasmine rice was such a big part of my upbringing, I cook it often. Thank you for sharing. However, if I’m cooking a small batch of rice (about 1 cup or so), I prefer the stovetop method. That’s great! Yessss! Why is my rice always under cooked even though I go by the stove top recipe. thank you so much . I will definitely leave a review when I try this out. I made this rice to go along with an Orange Chicken recipie I was trying out. Thank you!! I love rice but I always mess it up somehow. Again, I don’t have a regular pressure cooker, but 1 1/2 cups rice to 1 3/4 cups water, low pressure for 12 minutes, then rest for 10 to 15 minutes should work. Once the rice has finished cooking, let it rest for 15 minutes before opening the lid to serve the rice. Do you suggest doing this? Add the rice and 1 1/3 cups water to a saucepan with a lid. Just so you know, I don’t have any other pressure cooker besides the Instant Pot, so I will try to approximate the directions for you! Rose, I’m so glad you found the recipe helpful! 2. Cooking Instructions. Hi Kelly, when I double these rice recipes, I tend to reduce the water by a little. You want to fill up that small cup twice. [email protected] Much gratitude to you. Repeat this process 1 to 2 more times, until the water runs clearer. Rice Cooker Instructions: To prepare in a rice cooker, use the same liquid to rice ratio. Quick question, if I’m making 1.5 cups of jasmine rice, how much water should I add for the stovetop? Finally, a stove top method that works and doesn’t result in mushy rice. I think you might not be using enough water. The spice spectrum is broad and can vary from adding a bit of freshly ground black pepper to a dish for a slightly spicy kick to risking it all and taking it to the point of no return using ghost peppers in your meal. I have an electric stove and the burners don’t cool down immediately when I turn them off like it would with gas. Thanks for trying the recipe, Gisele! I don’t think you’ll find a short grain jasmine rice. *This recipe yields 3 to 4 cups with the stovetop and slow cooker methods; 5 to 6 cups with the Instant Pot method. The residual heat should be okay. 2 cups white jasmine rice; 2½ cups of water; A pot with a well-fitted lid & a fork/spatula; Instructions. I would check the rice at around the 10 minute mark to see if the water has been absorbed, if not, cook it for a few minutes longer.

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