The name "Cocteau Twins" did not appear on the release, which instead credited the band's three members ( Elizabeth Fraser , Robin Guthrie and Simon Raymonde ) and Budd individually. They parted ways with 4AD following Heaven or Las Vegas partly because of conflicts with the label's founder Ivo Watts-Russell, and were close to breaking up over internal problems due in large part to Guthrie's substance abuse.[23]. Elizabeth Fraser releases new single "Moses". They were formed in Grangemouth by Robin Guthrie (guitars, drum machine) and Will Heggie (bass), adding Elizabeth Fraser (vocals) in 1981 and replacing Heggie with multi-instrumentalist Simon Raymonde in 1983. It doesn’t matter that her lyrics are often impossible to make out, or that her song titles are so insistently bizarre; the Cocteau’s rich sonic bath is reward enough. In 2000 she sang with Peter Gabriel on Ovo (The Millennium Show). This was shortly followed up by two 2-disc sets of the same names, known as Volume 1 and Volume 2. These four albums all date from the band's 80's heyday. [10], Guthrie and Heggie, both from Grangemouth, Scotland, formed the band in 1979. Fraser provided guest vocals on The Future Sound of London's single "Lifeforms" (1993), vocals for three songs on Massive Attack's Mezzanine in 1998 (as well as touring with them several times), and for other musical projects and groups. In 1988, Cocteau Twins signed with Capitol Records in the United States, distributing their fifth album, Blue Bell Knoll, through a major label in the country. [6] The record saw the return of more heavily layered guitars, and Fraser began once again to obscure her lyrics, though not entirely. While remaining a 4AD band internationally, Cocteau Twins finally signed a major-label contract with Capitol Records in 1988 for distribution in the United States, and released their fifth album, Blue Bell Knoll, in September of that year. Reviews of some of the best album releases in various ambient and downtempo sub-genres since the early 1960's. [11] The most commercially successful of their many recordings, the album rose to the higher reaches of the UK Albums Chart immediately after its release. With Raymonde, the band released a series of critically acclaimed albums and EPs that explored their new style. He has also reunited with Budd to collaborate on two companion CDs, Before the Day Breaks and After the Night Falls, and the later Bordeaux and Winter Garden, the latter a collaboration also with Italian electronica artist Eraldo Bernocchi. Twitter In 2006, Guthrie produced three songs on Mahogany's "Connectivity," on which Lucy Belle Guthrie made her singing debut. Finally, in 2003, 4AD followed Stars and Topsoil with the release of digitally remastered versions of the first six Cocteau Twins LPs. [11] The band explained that Four-Calendar Café was a response to the turmoil that had engulfed them in the intervening years, with Guthrie entering rehab and quitting alcohol and drugs, and Fraser undergoing psychotherapy. The band’s distinctive sound matures on the peak recordings Victorialand (1986) and Blue Bell Knoll (1988). Vervollständigen Sie Ihre Cocteau Twins-Sammlung. They were formed in Grangemouth by Robin Guthrie (guitars, drum machine) and Will Heggie (bass), adding Elizabeth Fraser (vocals) in 1981 and replacing Heggie with multi-instrumentalist Simon Raymonde in 1983. In 2005, she worked with Breton musician Yann Tiersen on two songs for his album Les retrouvailles. He also co-produced the posthumous album by Billy Mackenzie from the Associates, then went on to produce several Domino Records artists like James Yorkston, Archie Bronson Outfit (whom he later managed) and Clearlake. NME's Don Watson compared the style of the band to gothic rock bands like Gene Loves Jezebel and Xmal Deutschland,[16] while Spin magazine's Sue Cummings compared it retrospectively to Siouxsie and the Banshees and Bauhaus. Regarded as the house band during their lengthy residency at the eclectic British label 4AD in the 80's and 90's, The Cocteau Twins’ blissful, enigmatic mood music remains utterly distinctive […]

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