So in case anyone is still wondering: This is gonna suck to do isn't it...? They are normally a refill station which you would use to help you along the way. I reccomend doing this achievement on your first play through as it really makes you experience everything in the world, where as on hard supplies are abundant and you will likely miss a lot following the direction arrow around (in 1999 the arrow it removed leaving you to navigate on your own). (SPOILER WARNING)The only difficult part being the fight with Lady Comstock's ghost. Just make sure you look around for supplies whenever you can and get all the infusions. @68 where did u preorder from? Credit to Ashbo for the Avatar and Banner. Anyone know what the melee weapon will be? #5 Definitely. As for money, spend it, if you die. I mostly used the Carbine, machine gun and volley gun. Use of this site is subject to express terms of use. Now, save up your silver eagles because the next thing you want is possession for less. The 5 infusions from the Season Pass help a lot too! This is simple, i use carbine and hand cannon as my main weapon and when i run out of bullets, i just use everything that is around me. They are really useful especially charge when you encounter the siren. It is worth 75 points and can be received for: Completed the game in 1999 mode without purchasing anything from a Dollar Bill vending machine. The only machines you can't buy anything from during your 1999 mode trophy run are the Dollar Bill ones, all the others are safe to use . This is honestly true, when Lady Comstock's ghost comes out of the glass coffin you don't have to fight her. Obviously. It really was not as bad as I thought it would be. I felt that this could have been a bit more difficult. Such a dull list for a truly anticipated title. We want to give our oldest and most committed fans an option to go back to our roots,’ says creative director Ken Levine. Anyone beaten 1999 mode yet? Or if you have the shotgun, wait for them to come to you. Also, what are all the parameters of this achievement? Good Luck to anyone trying to get this! half the fights you wont even need 1 bullet. Of course upgrading damage on each weapon is a good idea. once he let go, get back on the rail. That doesn't end up there on accident and the reason people know its there is from interviews with ken Levine. i def dont wanna risk it tho this far into this playthru thats for damn sure! Get possession of humans right away to help conserve ammo. :D. doing the second playthrough on 1999 now and was wondering about a "teared" vending machine in hall of heroes.. it is a dollar bill in a vox populi-look. Anyway i think this list is just fine. @54 ok so i did find one spot that had someting relating buyin from the hall of heros teared in vending machine n the one comment says that u can use it without affecting this cheevo n it has some pistol upgrades at a discount. I completely agree with the above. (honestly it should just start you from the last checkpoint and revive ALL the enemies and reset the items...going back to the main menu seems like it'll be bothersome). I'm only annoyed with achievements that force you to grind something boring for a long time, like some multiplayer achievements. As for 1999 Mode, your choices have a lasting effect, don't carelessly buy food, ammo, upgrades, etc. I'm extremely disappointed because the game was difficult at times so next playthrough I'm not touching anything. Enemies drop them often and this let you use ammo you saved up. The Dollar Bill machine sells health packs, salt packs, and ammo. Be patient; anytime you can duck behind cover and use tears like rocket automation and mosquitos do it. I did from gamestop n all i got was a cheesy weapon skin that i didnt even notice for the shotgun!! i hope this one doesnt ruin my completion in the bioshock games. possession is a useful way to get money, which is especially handy on 1999 mode. @36 you haven't even beat the game, so you cant really be saying what your saying. Not the best ever but the game is great so that def makes up. at the most I have died twice at a place just from being over ambitious. The 3 Lady Comstock ghost fights, and the final fight. chapter 26 now. 1999 Mode is easy. There's plenty of supplies and all the hard parts are scripted actions and fairly easy to learn. @54 i was just wondering the same thing and popped on the laptop just now to look into that! Crows traps are effective for stunning enemies and once you have the upgrade the ones you kill become crows traps themselves. I can confirm, just like everyone else has, that possessing the Dollar Bills and accessing their wares does NOT void the achievement. There are some great online guides to help you get through though. -Opening a dollar bill vending machine does not void the achievement In addition, 1999 Mode will demand that players pick specialisations, and focus on them. Thanks for sharing your findings so far! @23 Not true, you can unlock 1999 mode from the start by inputting the Konami code. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THESE MACHINES. Just upgrade your favorite weapons/Vigors and this one will be easy. But if you find food or pop that you don't need, exit the trashcan or wherever you're searching and leave it for later. just possess and let them kill each other. very rare for anyone other then the siren to come up there. Hopefully you preordered and got the Handyman gear that inflicts 50% more damage to Handyman. Once you get a couple of vigors this isnt too bad for the most part. Click the above image to see my maintained threads. It is also hard getting ammo for this part being that you just went through two rounds prior. The 1999 Mode is a retro/hardcore difficulty mode in Bioshock Infinite which is automatically unlocked after beating the game for the first time (alternatively through a cheat code). Fire bird is great for jumping on/off hooks/sky-lines to burn and stun foes so you can take aim and undertow them to their deaths. I accidently opened the vending machine interface yet didn't buy anything. Finally you'll want crow's trap, devil's kiss boost, and undertow boost to double the effective range. Only buying from them will void it. Do you have a question about this achievement? Im at finktons now right b4 the 1st handyman fight too! Not often I plan on playing a game on the hardest setting, but I will this time. It really wasn't that difficult to do. repeat until he dies. Second for anyone who's trying this, it's hard as hell to start but once you get the shield it's not too bad. :), yes you can and 1999 mode carries over Kinetoscope,Telescope Voxophone.. enjoy the game is awsome if anyone would like to play 1999 mode hmu and we can discuss the mind boggling ending haha, #25 it sends you back to the main menu if you can't pay for the respawn.

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