Retrieved from URL*. ed., pp. It is simple to layout and format your References page in APA Style, 6th edition. A reference list is a complete list of references used in a piece of writing including the author name, date of publication, title and more. Copyright © 2020 Mendeley Ltd. All rights reserved. (Year, month day). New York, NY: Parkwood Records (August 16). --this means pages in plural. To cite a source from an article published in a print JOURNAL, list the author’s last name, first name, publication year in parenthesis (month and year only), title of article (if applicable), title of source (in italics), and page numbers, such as: It is common that you will also need to provide the volume # and issue # of the publication because readers will appreciate this extra information. (2015). By continuing you agree to the Cookie Settings. Episode title [Television series episode]. 9) Use hanging indentions on the References page only. The structure is as follows: Last name of the chapter author, initial(s). Check out our other citation guides on. The reference list should start on a separate page at the end of your paper. (Year, month day). (Year of Release). Catlin, M., and Walley-Beckett, Moire (Writers), & Johnson, R (Director). APA Referencing Basics: Reference List, 2. Book referencing is the most basic style; it matches the template above, minus the URL section. Changes to citation formats shake the research world. A guide to citation. Troy, B.N. (Do not bold-face or italicize it). 8) Publication year. For example: If this is the title of an article, chapter or web page, it should be in quotation marks. (1851-1852). Retrieved from, How to Cite Magazine Articles in Print or Online in APA Format. Producer surname, initial (Producer), & Director surname, initial (Director). Even I have learned a thing or two I didn't know back then. In editor initial(s), surname (Ed.). (1954) Rear window. New York, NY: My Publisher. The full and complete information of each in-text citation is listed on the References page. Title. For the first cite, the full name of the group must be used. For example: Lorde (1980) as cited in Mitchell (2017) Or (Lorde, 1980, as cited in Mitchell, 2017). Lastly, I will tell you the mechanics, such as margins, typeface, spacing, and all the boring stuff. Title. (2015). Title of Newspaper, column/section, p. or pp. In S.T, Williams (Ed.). A separate page (i.e., the References page) at the end of the paper packages all of the details of every citation neatly and alphabetically on one or more pages. Culver City, CA: Sony Pictures Television, Beyonce, Diplo, MNEK, Koenig, E., Haynie, E., Tillman, J., and Rhoden, S.M. 4) Your entire paper is double-spaced. An APA reference list must: Be on a new page at the end of the document, Be alphabetically by name of first author (or title if the author isn’t known, in this case a, an and the should be ignored), If there are multiple works by the same author these are ordered by date, if the works are in the same year they are ordered alphabetically by the title and are allocated a letter (a,b,c etc) after the date, Contain full references for all in-text references used. Sometimes you might hear students refer to a "Bibliography" page. New York, NY: Parkwood Records (August 16). If this is the title of a book, periodical, brochure or report, is should be italicised. [Motion Picture]. Your use of image makes it easier to grasp. Title (ed., pp.chapter page range). (2017). Retrieved from How to Cite Non-Print Material in APA Format. City, State of original channel: Network, Studio or Distributor. On, [visual album]. (2010). Author surname, initial(s). APA citation rules. If these works are by multiple authors then the references are ordered alphabetically by the first author separated by a semicolon as follows: (Mitchell  & Smith 2017; Thomson, Coyne, & Davis, 2015). Mitchell, J.A. **(If you do not know how to set up a new paper, read my other Hub, Format a New Paper in APA Style for instructions), I will now show you how to format print sources for your References page. This reference format is very similar to the book format apart from one extra inclusion: (Ed(s)). If different authors have the same Last Name and First Initial, enclose their First Names in brackets, such as Jones, T. [Timothy] and Jones, T. [Tara]. Using an example author James Mitchell, this takes the form: Mitchell (2017) states… Or …(Mitchell, 2017). To reference a single chapter, a different format is needed. A Bibliography page is similar to a References page—the exception, of course, is that APA style specifically refers to it as a "References" page. Based on the first entry in the references paragraph, which usually is an author's name, always alphabetize all listings.

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