In addition to this publication, all flight training must be completed in accordance with: A. Applicable Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). Not sure which manual is for you? Horizon Flight Center Standard Operating Procedures 12/01/2015 Page 5 of 19 CHAPTER I ADMINISTRATION Welcome to Horizon Flight Center (HFC) – Hampton Roads’ Premier Flight Training Program! These procedures are not location specific. No template could include every topic that might apply unless it was constantly revised. All rights reserved. All you need to know about preparing, handling or accepting dangerous goods shipments by air. The EKU-A Flight Operations – Standard Operating Procedures Manual (SOP) is a publication produced for the use by all Eastern Kentucky University students, instructor pilots, and staff. the manuals used by flight deck crewmembers. All resources for this major press event - 23 -25 November - available at Use the Subscribe link above. their aircraft operating manuals into their daily operations. Answer a few questions to find out! 1. The airline coding directory (ACD) is the official industry source for airline codes, three-digit airline numeric codes and airport codes. Many important topics that should be addressed in SOPs are provided in Appendix 1, Standard Operating Procedures Template. See what we’re doing to reduce aviation’s emissions, All the information you need to ship temperature-sensitive products, Attracting, developing & retaining talent. COVID-19 Resources for Airlines & Air Travel Professionals, Keep passengers/crew safe & fuel costs down, 2021 Manuals for transporting air cargo now available. The A4A-IATA Reservations Interline Procedures (AIRIMP) is the sole reference source of universally agreed upon communications standards for the handling of Passenger Reservations Interline Messages. Stabilized Approach, characterized by a constant-angle, STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES Revision: No. Standardizing these activities will create efficiencies, increase quality control, and ensure consistency in the way we administer programs across the country. 1 Date: 19 September 2016 Page 4 in the Appendices may be addressed in detail, including text and diagrams, or in very simple terms. Resources for airlines and air travel professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic. Find out all about this major event in the world of aviation. ​IATA eLibrary solutions: ​The Artificial Intelligence (AI) white paper outlines the results of IATA research and development activities on AI in collaboration with airlines and the wider value chain. CAAT strongly advises all operators of aircraft to develop and use standard operating procedures and checklists for the operation of their aircraft. The Airports organization is developing Standard Operating Procedures for high-value field activities. We would also welcome constructive suggestions on how we can further improve our documentation or service. Once established, the SOPs must be applied with consistency and uniformity throughout the operation. Your definitive source for all facets of safe and efficient ground operations standards. Please see our privacy policy and cookies help page for complete information. The procedure is appropriate to the situation. The Airline Disclosure Guides (ADGs) cover the latest accounting practices to help in the analysis and development of airlines’ annual reports. Reshaping the Passenger Experience Webinar Series, COVID-19 Government Public Health Mitigation Measures, High Performing Airline Finance Organizations (HIPO), COVID-19 Dashboard on State & Airport Restrictions, COVID-19 Contingency Related Differences (CCRD), The Single African Air Transport Market (SAATM), Codes - Airline and Location Codes Search, CargoLink - Directory of Cargo Professionals, Travel Industry Designator Service (TIDS), Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) courses. standard operating procedures document is intended only for wizz va pilots and are not available to non-member pilots. Publications; Airline Distribution The SOPs establish process consistency for equipment, aircraft servicing, and other fight line operation. STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES TEMPLATE A manual or section in a manual serving as the flight crew's guide to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) may double as a training guide. STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES Revision: No. All pilots should check the Pilot Handbook and Standard Operating Procedures before contacting us, as it is likely that you will be able to find the answer to your question in this handbook. We also use cookies for advertising purposes. ... For example most EASA airlines have to acknowledge an automated callout of 1000ft which would be followed by PM / PNF stating whether they are stable or not for the subsequent landing. A4A-IATA Reservations Interline Procedures (AIRIMP) The A4A-IATA Reservations Interline Procedures (AIRIMP) is the sole reference source of universally agreed upon communications standards for the handling of Passenger Reservations Interline Messages. The applicable Pilot Operating Handbook. The Guidance Material & Best Practices for Airline Operational Cost Management (AOCM) assists airlines in developing cost reduction program, A handbook for corporate social responsibility reporting per the Global Reporting Initiatives standards. Page last modified: March 22, 2019 9:00:23 AM EDT, This page was originally published at:, Standard Operating Procedure for Safety Risk Management (, Standard Operating Procedure for Airport Improvement Program Construction Project Change Orders, Standard Operating Procedure for Runway Safety Area Determination, Administrative Closeout of Airport Improvement Program Grants, Construction Safety Phasing Plan Checklist, Exhibit A - Example Table Templates and Background Information, Runway Safety Area Inventory for Non-Certificated Airports, Final Project Report and Cost Tracking Sheets.

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